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So … does this rather describe me?

2015-08-30 11:38:55 PST

“The truth is, many people who are on the autism spectrum do not have such easily noticeable symptoms and often go undiagnosed, specifically those who are high functioning. A common misconception is that if a child has autism it will be fairly obvious at a very young age and even more so during daycare or school, in a setting where socialization with peers is expected.”

“The populations that are most often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed are academically gifted children. Those who are gifted can fly under the radar because they may easily learn appropriate behaviors that can mask symptoms of autism. It is also possible that they are simply seen as quirky and unique. People who are highly gifted in art, math, technology, or memorization are usually very focused on their specific skill to the detriment of personal friendships. People see this as a proof of their giftedness and not as a sign of disability. A child who shows passion in academics or a great talent in arts is often praised and rewarded instead of taken for an evaluation.”

“There are many similarities between children who are gifted and those who have Asperger’s”

“Both gifted children and children with Asperger’s may have difficulty creating and maintaining friendships due to a lack of interest in age-typical activities or because they are not attuned to the desires of their peers. In other words, they do not share the interests of peers and will make that obvious in their interactions.”

“Other signs of Asperger’s that might not coincide with those who are academically gifted include” … “difficulty holding a conversation about things other than their interest”

“The trouble with picking out these differences is that a child that has learned that an outward expression of displeasure will be met with consequences may learn early on to internalize it and act in expected ways.”


Quote of the day

2015-08-16 05:12:51 PST

Quote of the day:
“Love is like a fart – if you have to force it, it’s probably shit.”

:-) … ran across that, and just had to share. ;-)