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heritable: social cognition

2014-07-12 22:12:18 PDT

“Genes Drive Half of” …
“social skills” … “run in the family”
“tasks were significantly heritable” … “those that required social cognition”
I.e. (significantly) genetic.
Okay, chimps, but … just sayin’


dreams … teensy bit better

2014-07-01 00:07:46 PDT

Semi-random bit.

So, I guess over the last several weeks or so, the dreams have been, well, … at least a teensy bit better. Far from great, but what the heck, maybe the subconscious is being just a trace more hopeful/optimistic … if even quite tentative/guarded optimism?

E.g. over the past several week, did have two dreams with a trace of human contact in ’em. Not much, but hey, better than zilch on that front, eh?

One dream had a friend in it from years past, that friend long since dead, years ago, but the friend was in a dream, and hey, I got a hug, and we actually got to spend a little bit of time hanging out and having some nice bit of conversation. Ah well, that was that bit of dream. Still miss that friend.

Another dream, a trace of physical contact – not even sure who it was with in the dream. Seemed it was someone I sort’a kind’a maybe/barely/marginally liked, certainly not someone I was all that interested in or excited about, wasn’t even having any conversation or dialog with the person. Just some modest trace of contact, but hey, it felt okay, maybe even “good” – although it was more of just kind’a let it be there, not really like any kind of “active” contact … just kind’a marginally touching. No more, no less. That was the bit of contact in that dream.

Dreams otherwise? Eh, nothing especially noteworthy jumps to mind from recent stuff. Often at least somewhat “interesting” – at least of what I recall, but nothing really all that noteworthy.