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Xmas – not a fan of – here we go again

2012-12-19 15:26:47 PST

So, quite been there before, and here we are yet again.  Really about the same – no significant differences.  So … I’ll try to not be too redundant, and state what’s “new” and present (as in here, not as in gift).

Just not feeling a whole lot of “holiday spirt” – don’t think I generally have, for the most part, in years.  Don’t really much care for the holiday.  Far too much time, effort, hassle, far too little that hardly anyone really benefits from – at least certainly relative to the effort, resources and expense.  But this and whole paragraph pretty redundant with what I’ve said before.  So, what “new” can I say?

I think a huge part of the “problem” is the “all at once”.  Gifts, etc., for “everyone”, and all at the same time – or at least nearly so.  Probably also doesn’t help that I’ve also got at least four among family with birthdays all within less than three weeks of Christmas.  So, I end up feeling rather/quite like I “just don’t want to do it”, and quite dragging my heels on it.  Not that I “don’t” want to, totally, just all and “everybody” is, well, “overwhelming” – not that I can’t handle it, but more so that it’s more of a pain in the rear, “burden”/expectation, than anything else.  And what do I get out of it?  Really very little, but that’s not the point, nor theoretically what the holiday(s)/season is about.  I don’t mind doing stuff for folks, sometimes even often/frequently/commonly go even way out of my way to do so, and spend much effort on such – and not even looking for or expecting any kind of “reward” or thanks, not at all.  Just ’cause it’s “the right thing to do” … and, well, I care to, and generally want to.  So, yes, definitely there are person(s) I want to do stuff for, get thing(s) for, whatever – even very highly much so.  And, even, individually, one-by-one, I’d probably be all fine and dandy with that too.  But the “all at once” – really too damn much.  And so many mostly rather to quite disinterested in what they receive, and generally not needing it – even if they appreciate it or at least the thought, and likewise mostly about the same – from most, mostly rather to quite disinterested in what they do or likely will get for me, though I do quite appreciate the sentiment, thought, etc.  Hmmm… wrap up the thoughts/sentiments, warm concerns and well wishes, etc., and screw the gifts?  That’d be nice, … were it reasonably practical and were it to fit reasonably well with expectations and all.  Still, “all at once” is an “issue”, if not a problem.

And, … last year at this time, I was still in a long-term, committed serious relationship – albeit long distance, and far too much time apart.  Don’t “even” have that this year or in any kind of “Relationship” (as in capital-R) with anyone, but that’s “okay” too.  Does weigh/factor in at times, but for the most part quite a non-issue.  Just Christmas, etc., is bit more of a reminder of that.  But made some good new friends this year – well, certainly at least one, anyway – and that certainly counts for a lot.  And learned a fair bit this year too – even some bits about me.  All-in-all not that bad really.  But Xmas – yeah, I think we’d generally be much better off without it – or at least spread it throughout the year in much more reasonably sized doses – or get rid of all that buying/”gift” cruft/expectations/consumerism.  Yuk.  I don’t need or want it, most don’t, sucks for the environment, etc., and the economy shouldn’t need or depend upon it either.