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2012-11-14 06:18:04 PDT

So, a somewhat miscellaneous collection of items – was going in a (draft) email, but much of it more suitable for blog, so, “migrated” to here:

“costs even more” “to describe tasks than to actually do them” – yup, “normal” and/or not, I can have, e.g., commands fly off my fingertips, but trying to explain as I do typically slows me way down (and also increases the error rate – gets in the way of brain<–>finger memory patterns).

Hmmmm, “interested in women who present” “challenges”.  I think I’m much more so interested in interesting women, and perhaps more so and/or additionally, women that challenge me (or my capabilities) in some way(s), rather than “challenging women”, per se. I think it’s more about growth (opportunity) for me, than “challenge” – i.e. not challenge for the sake of challenge.  But yes, I’d say rather accurate observation/deduction. I think I always want to grow and learn – and that’s at least part of it.  Pushing/stretching boundaries – not in general, but more so in ways I wish to and that I think are or likely are beneficial and useful – in my growing, learning, and/or being of comfort/use to others (e.g. helping them in their growth, in/with their struggles, and/or my learning more from such that I don’t or don’t well understand and know).

“relationships” – well, all kinds of ways to label and define various acquaintanceships/friendships/relationships – and more generally, interactions and “relationships” of any form, and things any two people can be and/or not be. As long as it works for the parties (consenting adults) involved, doesn’t much matter beyond that.  However many involved, whatever gender(s), orientations, sex, physicality, (a)romantic, (a)sexual, proclivities or kinks or not – any, all, and/or none – really, whatever one wants.  Needn’t conform to some “societal” norm.  And needn’t be anyone else’s business if one doesn’t wish it to be.  “Needs”/interests vary a lot person-to-person, so what might seem a next-to-nothing encounter/interaction to one, might be highly significant and important to another.  Also, all different kinds of “exclusivity” and understandings around that – not a “one size fits all”.  And in general, if it works, don’t sweat it.  :-)  Whatever “it” may be.

My blog stuff – yeah, unlikely I’d remove that (my content in general – e.g. this blog).  At most I might take it “private” if it got much more identifyingly exposed than I wanted, but out on The Internet – or even accessible in electronic form – always some risk(s) associated with that, and I mostly consider those before posting, etc. (e.g. email has no “undo” button, and The Internet tends to have a long (but somewhat selective/spotty) memory).

And, just to say – I do have more than one blog.  There’s this one you’re looking at:

  • Pseudo-anonymous
  • I don’t want it ever personally tied to me, but realize I cannot ever fully control that
  • It is publicly available – quite highly so.
  • It’s also rather/quite anonymized, and most especially with regards to other people.  See also: “too much” – details (semi-identifying information?) regarding a bit more about that blog and a whole lot regarding what’s not on it, and why.

And I’ve also got another blog which is quite different (it is not the blog you’re looking at here) – a quite private blog:

  • Private and confidential.  Period.
  • May contain lots of personally identifying details – about me and/or others.
  • I do not want it shared other than directly between me and those I quite trust.
  • And no, I will not share it with most – really share it with hardly any actually:
    • I’ve got to be very, if not exceedingly comfortable with you, before I’d share it with you
    • I’ve got to be highly trusting of you
    • If I don’t know you personally and highly trust you, it ain’t gonna happen
    • Even if I do very much know and trust you, I might not share it – or share it yet
    • I want to keep it to those I’m quite close to and “actively involved with” (without thinking or trying to define what that is and or isn’t in this context)
    • I only want to share it with those that are sufficiently interested and caring that they quite follow (read) it, and well know me
    • I only want to share it with those that are quite current with “where I’m at” – now – or at least exceedingly close to it (not year(s), or month(s) ago, maybe not even week(s) ago)
    • I want to share it with very few – can’t really imagine I’d ever want to share it with more than 3 people simultaneously (and thus far isn’t even half that – though I can think of additional person(s) I’m quite tempted to and/or very seriously considering sharing – or potentially sharing such, with)
    •  The communication has to be flowing and working pretty darn well (or at least sufficiently effectively, even if not quite literally) between me and the person before I’d so much as seriously consider sharing it
    • I don’t want to share it where I think it will be hurtful or counterproductive:
      • not everyone is up for or yet/presently “ready” to “hear”/read that direct, unfiltered, up close and personal, that much of what I am and have been thinking, feeling, doing, experiencing, etc.
      • some interaction(s) could be impacted negatively – I don’t want to share it with someone where I think/feel/guess that it’s rather probable – even if not that probable – that sharing it with them may negatively impact our interactions.

Okay, that’s more than enough detail about how I share that blog with exceedingly small number of person(s) – and says really nothing of what’s on that blog – other than its general nature.