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Why the Myers-Briggs Test is Total B.S.

2017-08-07 21:22:59 PST

Why the Myers-Briggs Test is Total B.S.


More random tests – color

2015-11-10 21:17:22 PST

Color Blindness Test
“Color Blindness Test Result
Normal Color Vision
You were able to see the hidden shape in all or nearly all of the test conditions. This indicates a high probability of having normal color vision.”

Online Color Challenge
“Online ColorIQ Challenge Results
You have perfect color vision!”

some more random test stuff, etc.

2013-12-07 12:49:11 PST

Introvert or Extrovert – yet another test. On that one, I scored:
29 of 100 points, (29%)
which they give as:

20 – 40 points You’re an Introvert with some Ambivert functions.

Let’s see, there’s 20 Signs Of The Excruciatingly Intense Person … I’ve got maybe about half of those signs, … more-or-less, … also question of extent/degree.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) Test let’s see … I scored:

You scored a total of 21
Inattention Subscale: 14
Hyperactivity/Impulsivity Subscale: 7

Which they give as:

If you scored…
You may have…
17 – 23 ADHD Possible
12 – 18 – Moderate
0 – 11 – Low
appear to have some symptoms consistent with a possible diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, but may not qualify for a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD

Yet more tests

2013-10-09 06:23:08 PST

Are you a social person?
You are a quiet person who wants to be left alone. A pure introvert, your best ( and perhaps only) friend is yourself. Try to break out of that shell of yours once in a while!

I’ll preface this one by sating: I generally don’t like IQ tests, they’re generally at best, a very rough approximation of reality, my score tends to vary a lot, mostly depending upon what they test/measure and how (and no, they don’t really measure IQ – if that’s even so much as possible). E.g., at least typically, if it’s mostly math/logic/analytic reasoning, and especially if also untimed, I tend to do quite to exceedingly well. If it’s timed and heavily vocabulary and general language dependent, I don’t score nearly as well. A lot of IQ test questions don’t really test intelligence at all, and typically are much more dependent upon other factors (e.g. cultural or particular educational exposures) … blah, blah, blah, so … tend to be inherently highly flawed in many ways. Oh, and these are absolutely not any official sanctioned tests.
Oh, also, this particular test – they also give the answers … the one I got incorrect, just a careless mistake (oops) … but also one I got correct was pretty much a wild guess. Except for the one I guessed on, I found ’em all quite straight-forward … but at least interesting/challenging “enough” it wasn’t totally boring, anyway.
Could say a bit more about some specific bits on the test, but probably best if I don’t say such – particularly if one may want to take the test.
Model IQ Test
You have answered 37 questions out of 38 correctly. Your IQ is ~ 147.

Okay, so I got bored the other night, did an online search of “online tests”, or something like that, and … well, poked at some that seemed like they might be “interesting” and/or “challenging” for me … or maybe even “entertaining” or (unlikely?) informative? Whatever.

Self-Esteem Test

2013-10-08 06:12:46 PST

Self-Esteem Test

Okay, so I got bored, and took some more on-line tests.

Anyway, results:

Snapshot Report
Ability to Deal with Rejection
57 (on 0 to 100 scale … so is that like about a D- ?)

The potential of being rejected by others as a result of who you are or what you do tends to be at the back of your mind. Although you may not live with the constant fear of being tossed away by people in your life, you may sometimes go out of your way to attain the approval of others. And this approval does matter to you, at least to some degree. Rejection by the people in your life may not shatter your self-image, but it would be quite a blow that could lead to self-doubt, discouragement, and humiliation. Realize that the only approval you should be worried about is your own – and that the potential for rejection actually starts with you. If you don’t fully respect and approve of yourself, you project an image to others that says “I am not worthy, I am not good enough for you”, which can result in the very rejection you fear.

More tests – Autism spectrum, Asperger syndrome, etc.

2012-07-10 06:27:06 PST

So, earlier test bits here and here.

Did some more tests – and some retesting too. Results:

retested 2012-07-07: How neurotypical are you? and got: 19% neurotypical, one week prior to that got 27%.

retested 2012-07-07: Take the AQ and got: Score: 39 – exact same score as one week prior to that – but the results on specific questions weren’t identical (4 of 50 questions changed in response, but net score result was identical).

2012-07-10 Take the Broad Autism Phenotype Questionnaire
You scored 105 aloof, 90 rigid and 93 pragmatic
You scored above the cutoff on all three scales. Clearly, you are either autistic or on the broader autistic phenotype. You probably are not very social, and when you do interact with others, you come off as strange or rude without meaning to. You probably also like things to be familiar and predictable and don’t like changes, especially unexpected ones.
You scored 105% on aloof
You scored 90% on rigid
You scored 93% on pragmatic
You scored 8% on diagnosis

2012-07-10 Take the EIQ test
Emotional Identification, Perception, and Expression
Snapshot Report 58 (of 0 to 100 range)
You appear to have at least some basic skill when it comes to identifying, perceiving and expressing emotions in yourself and others. However, there is still a great deal of room to improve on this core ability. Review the results below for further information in order to identify where improvement is recommended. By improving your skills in this area of emotional intelligence, you will be in a better position to read others, understand how they feel, and effectively identify your own emotions. These skills form the basis of your ability to relate to others as well as your ability to understand yourself.

2012-07-10 Take the HSP test
Score: 15
If you answered more than fourteen of the questions as true of yourself, you are probably highly sensitive. But no psychological test is so accurate that an individual should base his or her life on it. We psychologists try to develop good questions, then decide on the cut off based on the average response.
If fewer questions are true of you, but extremely true, that might also justify calling you highly sensitive.

2012-07-10 Take the ‘Reading the mind in the eyes’ test
Your score: 28
A typical score is in the range 22-30. If you scored over 30, you are very accurate at decoding a person’s facial expressions around their eyes. A score under 22 indicates you find this quite difficult.