Wiped!, …

Oh man, did I, mostly unknowingly, quite manage to screw that up!
Finally, barely, enough strength/energy to start typing that out … oops! – major.

So, went to an event at a bar, met some fair number of (at least mostly seemingly) cool people. That part, at least in-and-of itself certainly at least, or more-or-less okay. But what wasn’t? It was a loud bar – so I had to talk up quite a bit – raise my voice – almost, if not shouting – for anyone to more-or-less hear what I was saying … even a very short distance – pretty much my mouth pointed at their ear. Too damn loud for face-to-face conversation to be feasible – it was mouth to ear, or one made out damn near nothing anybody was saying. Even then, they could only typically make out part of what I was saying. And likewise, pretty much anything anybody said to me I missed half to two-thirds of it. Just way too bloody loud. Guess I didn’t realize how bad it was, until after. As the evening/night progressed, they dimmed the lights more, and cranked up the volume yet further … really?!?!?! … yes! – ugh! I cut out’a there ’bout an hour before the event was over and long before the venue closed for the night. It was then that I started to realize how bad it was. As soon as I stepped outside, I was like, “Why does everything sound so muffled and quiet?” – yeah, it was that damn loud in there. Ears have been buzzing/ringing on-and-off since then. But the worst of it – voice, and especially throat. Talking with my voice raised that much – even just the modest bit of talking over a few hours, didn’t realize it right away, but it quite tore my voice up (yeah, usually I don’t talk much – and especially at elevated volume – I’ve got a relatively quiet voice – perhaps from lack of use/practice, but that’s how it is – even talking at moderate to low volume for a couple hours and my voice will generally quite give out – not infrequent that I get the remark or coaxing – “need to speak up” – but my voice just can’t do that … or certainly can’t maintain it). So, here I am, well over 3 days later, and voice, and especially throat, is still way messed up – mostly lots of coughing/wheezing and such. And it’s not like it was some smokey bar – no, it was quite smoke free. Voice just not up to that, and days later I’m still paying the price for that. And met fair number of folks from group/event at the bar – maybe like about 15 to 18 folks or so. But I’m horrible at remembering names – and it being so loud that often I couldn’t exactly make out what they were saying anyway certainly didn’t help. How many names did I remember? … even right after? Dang few. One totally new (well, almost sort-of – had seen name and photo online in advance – probably saw that for many of the folks, but happened to manage to remember, after meeting, from at least one of the key organizers). Other than that? One name I knew from someone I’d met before – so that doesn’t exactly count. One person I’d met before but had forgotten name, after meeting (for 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th?) time, remembered the name. All the rest? I remembered the first initial of two folks, but doubtful I could even match that to faces after – or at least much after – maybe more likely I could if I happened to see ’em together (a couple). Don’t remember any other names at all – not a one. But I’m definitely not good at remembering names – often someone will introduce themselves to me or tell me their name, and 15 to 60 seconds or so later, I’ve completely forgotten their name and can’t remember it. I supposed perhaps if I focused real hard and repeatedly on their name right after they said it to me, I might remember it a fair bit better … but then I’d be missing and not paying attention to everything else they were saying – so that doesn’t work very well either. Dim lighting didn’t help much – especially for remembering faces – I used to be much better at that, not so great at it anymore. Sometimes I remember the face, sometimes not. And in most cases where I remember the face, I won’t remember the context, and almost always don’t remember the name. So, e.g., new job, meet & greet – get introduced to, say, 20 or so folks on first day … how many names will I remember? Like maybe about 2 or 3 or 4(!). After a couple weeks, maybe I’ll know about 5 to 8 names (and even mostly have ’em correctly correlated to the faces) … and … months into it – I probably know about 15 names, give or take. But I digress. So, loud!!! bar, not good – and especially me trying to talk over that to a level that anyone could actually hear what I was saying – even at quite close range (like their ear only 12 to 8 inches from my mouth). I need to be much more careful and aware of such situations so I don’t screw myself over from it. I kept thinking lip reading would’ve been a good skill to have in that environment, but as they dimmed the lighting, even that would’ve been more challenging. I should wear some serious hearing protection in such environments – and not raise my voice. My throat and voice is still paying the penalty for it.

But wait, there’s more! So, next day, went on relatively long hiking adventure. That might’ve been all fine and dandy … except I managed to substantially screw it up for myself, but didn’t realize it ’till later – oops. Maybe I shouldn’t have piled it on next day after that loud bar thingy – voice/throat (and ears) still recovering from that – but that’s probably not at all the worst of what messed it up. I mean the hike itself and all quite fine, and good company and conversation. But, for starters, I guess I didn’t do a great job on properly fueling and supplying my body – hydration, electrolytes, fuel/nutrition, etc. So, ’bout half way through the hike I was feeling rather tired – not a big deal, right? … maybe? Hardest most strenuous part of the hike was already completed anyway. Just a matter of complete the walk/hike back … that all seemed quite okay … at the time. But that evening, I noticed I managed to get quite sunburned – oops. Yes, it was sunny – at least part, even much of the time – though also foggy and overcast – a mix. But with lots of cool/cooler air (close coastal breeze and moisture), I hadn’t at all noticed I was getting sunburned … until it was far too late – oops. Yeah, saw it in bathroom mirror later, and I was like, “oh dear”. I guess once-upon-a-time, in relatively ancient history, sunburns didn’t impact me so much. Sure, it’d be red, maybe even quite sore, skin would be warm/hot to the touch, but that was pretty much it … but that was back in my teens and even earlier. By about my late 20s and into 30s, more of an impact. Would tend to bring on chills, and would tend to get headachy – perhaps often dehydration being a bit of a factor too – but had become almost a sure-fire recipe – sunburn + cool/cold + dehydration = headache. So by evening, was definitely feeling chilled – and it was not that cold out – just coolish – and I had jacket on, at that. But I also felt really tired/wiped – and that was even with having a fair lunch before going on most of the hike, and rehydrating and decent dinner after. I was quite wiped – noticed that on my way home. Anyway, got home, and essentially just crawled into bed. Entire next day felt like crud – weak/exhausted, chills – with hot/burned skin, and quite temperature sensitive – it’s like the temperature had to be “just right” – not too warm/hot – nor too cool/cold – and that would also apply rather independently anywhere on the body – could be too “hot” one spot and too “cold” another – at the same time. Anyway, took quite full day plus recovering – even getting up was often quite challenging. Mostly just rested/slept it off – didn’t feel like doing anything – even so much as reading/browsing something on the computer – like it was too much work/energy to even think of doing that – let alone actually do so. And the throat being out of whack didn’t exactly help. Could barely even deal with answering the phone. Was also often quite weak/dizzy when I got up, or attempted to get up. Basically a wiped mess – no energy, little strength, and just generally felt like crud. And well over 2 days later … improved, but still far from 100% – relatively weak, a bit unsteady, light-headed/dizzy – still messed up. And the voice/throat – still jacked up. Ugh.

I guess most of the time and in most ways, my body still feels like it’s 21 … but sometimes it gives me a surprising – at least to me – kick in the arse to remind me I don’t have the body of a 21-year-old anymore. “Oops”.

Maybe also the loud bar think + the hiking/sunburn etc. nearly back-to-back without recovery time between (who thought I needed it – so throat/voice/ears bit messed up from loud bar, not relevant to hiking, right?) … may have had double-whammy effect.

And done lots of other hikes, rather recently, often many many more miles and more climbs in elevation … but without the more substantial sunburn, or loud voice-shredding evening preceding such.

Anyway, still recovering from it … ugh.

Guess too, I gain a wee bit more insight/understanding for those that sometimes, or even commonly, just do not have the strength/energy. My body certainly took a beating from it – and quite unexpectedly to me – and still recovering from it.



One Response to “Wiped!, …”

  1. MichaelBerkeley Says:

    And, over-all, … took about a week to recover(!). Roughly a couple days before I could even generally breathe without coughing, few days or more before I could generally talk without coughing – and even only rather slightly and with difficulty/challenge at that, though otherwise most all the energy/strength back by then. And … at around a week +? Mostly all recovered, but hair short of 100%. Still prone to occasional fits of cough – vocal cords / throat not quite 100% yet, … but getting pretty close to where they were before this whole mess started. “Oops”. Yep, … hearing protection, don’t raise voice, especially repeatedly over many tens of minutes to hours or more, and … sunscreen and/or other protection. Oh well, could’a been worse – at least it wasn’t Speed Dating [https://michaelberkeley.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/the-speed-dating-experiment/] – that took a good 2+ weeks to recover from and didn’t include a nice, fun, good hike, exercise, and good conversation.

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