Living with unknowns

I guess I still find it rather odd and disquieting, that some – perhaps even many – folks, just find “unknowns” to be quite unacceptable.

I mean really … life ‘n all, after that. Whole helluva lot we don’t know, and much of it we’ll probably never know. So what? I mean sure, be interested, fascinated, even passionate to learn more, to be interested and driven to try and learn more, find out more, etc. But, to have attitude that not knowing just is not at all acceptable? I somehow find that attitude/perspective rather odd/unsettling/disquieting. I guess I find it understandable that some(/many) find such unknowns unacceptable – yet I find that quite odd, for some reason.

Given the greatness and complexity of all that exists – and we don’t even know the majority of it – heck, probably only know a very very very limited teensy relative speck of it – and that’s even if we happen to be correct – we’re probably also incorrect on much of what we think and believe ourselves to correctly know. Only so much can be packed into a human mind anyway. And some things are difficult, if not unfeasible or even “impossible” to determine or know – or certainly at least for any mere human brain to reasonably comprehend. So, … what’s the “big deal” about some unknowns – even on “big” stuff. Why does that make some folks so uncomfortable?

Heck, human psychology ‘n all that, there’s even a whole lot that’s made up! – to fill in some of those gaps where the unknown is. Too often that’s even passed off as “truth”. Of course, not too infrequently, sooner or often later later (if at all) we (finally) learn that was highly incorrect – if not entirely – or nearly so, just total incorrect made up bull, and has nothing to do with reality. “Oops”.

Will the sun come up tomorrow? Will the Earth still exist tomorrow? I don’t know. I guess probably, but it’s not like it’s something I particularly worry about. And were I to, tomorrow, find those things to not be the case? Well, so what, I guess “my” “day” would then be rather different, huh? Why do folks hold so strongly onto the way they think things are, or must be, or must continue to be? Mere human doesn’t have much influence on the great overwhelming vast majority of all that, and can really only comprehend a teensy speck of it – and even at that, much of it quite incorrectly. So what if it’s unknown? Why is that like a “big deal” or something? Why are many humans so bent on some kind of continuity of perceived reality, existence, and of knowing – when so very much could not possibly be known, or even fully comprehended, by something as slight as a human brain?



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