Miserable, but … ;-)

Yes, can’t say enough good things about _Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman_. I really like(/love) that show.

Year ago, had someone relatively wisely quite say “everything is relative”. Though I still don’t 100% agree with that, it does well fit at least the overwhelming vast majority of cases.

Anyway, I really love this bitter-sweet gem from _Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman_:
Mary Hartman: I feel much better, I really do, I feel much, much better.
Howard McCullogh: Ah, I’m glad Mary.
Mary Hartman: Of course I’m still miserable, but miserable isn’t so bad when you’re feeling better, you know what I mean? Especially when you’re feeling much, much better.
_Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman_ Episode 94


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