dream – escape(ism?)

Another dream … I forget when it was … this morning? Yesterday morning? Evening/night before that? Anyway, sometime earlier this week.

Unfortunately I’ve forgotten most of the dream – even what I remembered of it upon waking. But what I do remember – escape – it was yet another escape dream – and quite interesting/fascinating. I think it was escape from jail or prison, or some form of captivity, and it was I, and I think one other person in captivity that escaped. And somehow – unfortunately I forget most of the details – it was very interesting/fascinating, and quite complex and detailed. A complex break/escape – I think it may have even involved cyber in some way, and some types of interesting context of circumstances both of the captivity, facility, and other contextual facets of the dream – but alas, don’t remember details now.

Hmmm, so, I wonder, “What meaning of this?” What’s my subconscious futzing with or trying to figure out or say? Or maybe it’d just gotten bored and found a newer genre of dream to try for a while that it finds less boring … thus far – escape(s) from various captivity(/ies). Or, … maybe a combination of factors. Maybe just looking for something interesting/different/challenging/suspenseful – something with some bit of risk/thrill?
Who knows. In any case, it was a quite interesting dream … if only I still remembered it much better than I do now. Maybe it simply keyed off recent item in news about two escapees, and thought, “Hey, I could do some dream material from that general theme.” Who knows.


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