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Random quote sequence about life … & related.
emphasis mine (for the impatient?)

So, I’ve been watching _Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman_ – and much enjoying it.
I very much liked this bit:
[Tom Hartman & Grandpa Raymond Larkin playing checkers]:
Tom Hartman: So. What the hell’s it all about, huh Grandpa?
Grandpa Raymond Larkin: What’s what all about?
Tom Hartman: Life. What’s it all about?
Grandpa Raymond Larkin: I’m getting so sick of people asking dumb questions like that.
Tom Hartman: Well I don’t mean to bug you, Grandpa, I just thought, you know, you might have a clue. I mean, you know, you get to be your age, and uh, you know.
Grandpa Raymond Larkin: I know what? I don’t know any more now than I did 20 years ago. Less, probably, because the memory starts to go.
Tom Hartman: Yeah, but you’ve lived through a lot, you’ve seen a lot.
Grandpa Raymond Larkin: And forgot a lot.
Tom Hartman: Okay, okay, okay, you don’t want to give it away, I, fine, right, I, I, I understand that, you’re welcome to it.
Grandpa Raymond Larkin: You, you really want to know what the meaning of life is?
Tom Hartman: Yeah.
Grandpa Raymond Larkin: You, you think there’s some big secret?
Tom Hartman: Maybe there’s just a little secret, you know, somethin’ you might’a come across in your journey down through the years?
Grandpa Raymond Larkin: Well, you’re asking the wrong party. I’m not one of those swarmis or gurus. Maybe I should wrap one of those turbins around my head, and put on one of those … whatever you call ’em …
Tom Hartman: Uh, those thi…, uh, uhm, a… kaftans? Yeah…
Grandpa Raymond Larkin: Get me a lot of followers, buy me a Rolls Royce limousine, and go into business.
Tom Hartman: Yeah, why the hell not, you know, they don’t have the answers either.
Grandpa Raymond Larkin: You know why?
Tom Hartman: Why?
Grandpa Raymond Larkin: ’cause there aren’t any answers.
Tom Hartman: Yeah? No answers, huh?
Grandpa Raymond Larkin: You just do what you can, and you forget the rest, that’s the meaning of life. It’s your move.
_Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman_ Episode 114
At least at the moment, that bit can also be viewed on-line:
14:10–15:36 range into the episode:

Also reminded me very much of a bit from _The Prisoner_ I quite like and noted years earlier:
Ex-Admiral (#64): Game of chess, my dear?
Woman: I don’t play.
Ex-Admiral (#64): You should learn.
Ex-Admiral (#64) (motions Woman over, Woman comes over and sits down).
Ex-Admiral (#64): We’re all pawns, my dear.
Ex-Admiral (#64): Your move.
_The Prisoner_ – “Arrival”
At least at the moment, that bit can also be viewed on-line:
45:45–46:00 range into the episode:

And … couldn’t be complete without Monty Python’s _The Meaning of Life_
Very near the end of the movie:
Lady Presenter: Now, here’s the meaning of life.
[She is handed a gold-wrapped booklet.]
Lady Presenter: Thank you, Brigitte.
[She clears her throat, then unwraps and examines the gilt booklet.]
Lady Presenter: Well, it’s nothing very special. Try to be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.
That bit can also be viewed on-line:
1:32:33–1:32:53 range into the movie:


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