dreams – random

A couple quite recent dreams, just to mention. And to be clear, asleep and dreaming kind of dreams, in case there was any ambiguity.

So … think it was night before last (or more practically/specifically, morning day before yesterday – most commonly I’ll manage to do the most intense, memorable dreaming, shortly before I wake up or right up to when I wake up … but just more common than not – exceptions also far from rare).

So, dream, … not sure who was who – often where I am or if I’m one of the characters is relatively ambiguous, or may shift about.
Anyway, someone being buried in the sand, on a beach of sorts – or something like that. Male. Maybe me, maybe not, whatever – or may have shifted about.
Interesting bits, though, not like beach sand. More coarse. Not exactly like gravel, but size about like clay cat litter – except the shape, composition, color, of rock, I think it might’ve even been a bit redish. And, buried in this coarse sand of sorts, not exactly just like burying someone in the sand on the beach, but quite a bit deeper … not like 6 feet under, or anything like that, but far from person just laying on the beach and having sand piled atop them. Quite sunk – or dug – in, so with the sand piled atop them, didn’t make much of a mound at all, but only a modest rise where the person was buried in this “sand” of sorts. At one point, “I”, or someone, was slightly concerned if they could breathe okay … might’ve been thought that we’d not stuck in a straw for them to breathe through – but didn’t seem an issue or concern particularly, but more like a double-check … cleared a bit of sand away, asked ’em if they could breathe okay – also cleared the sand around one nostril – which somehow this seemed quite sufficient, got an answer in the affirmative from them … not sure exactly what happened after that – likely continued the burying in sand some more, while leaving one nostril exposed – though it wasn’t protruding up – was more like a conical dip into the sand down to where it exposed one nostril, fair bit beneath the level of the surrounding sand. Next bit I remember of that dream, and seems it was in short sequence after, I was laying back in some kind of mold that was being made for me – on what was roughly a railroad flat car – but seemed fair bit smaller and more agile, and rather fast. Rather like a roller coaster … except it didn’t go up and down, but did shift side-to-side, and turn quite a bit, and often relatively suddenly – so ridding it was rather like a roller coaster – but without the up/down component to it. Somehow this was “settling me in” to this mold/cast being made around me – basically half body cast, flat, of me lying flat on my back. And somehow this was going to be used as rather custom molded seating of sorts – but not seated, rather laying down stretched out flat – for me – as part of some space launch – to Mars. And, … I was rather cool with it, not particularly excited, anxious, seemed almost like a “whatever”. Seemed to me that I, and some small handful of folks were going to be launched via some space rocket to Mars. I also got the distinct impression it was a one-way trip, and I didn’t seem to particularly care or be concerned about that – got rather the distinct impression that there wasn’t really going to be anything I’d be leaving behind that I’d be missing – even though there was really quite nothing I’d be taking nor for me on Mars – would be just the tiny handful of us there. And I didn’t seem at all concerned about this – seems like my attitude/feelings on it was, “whatever” – no great loss – somehow I’d be living on Mars, with a very few others on that entire planet, and I had quite the nonchalant attitude about it.

Hmmmm, anyway, random possible thoughts on (partial) interpretations? … of course some of it, subconscious probably just dragged in some props/elements from semi-random recent exposures, experiences, thoughts, etc. Anyway, maybe something on alien/alienating/alienated/isolated/disconnected/disconnecting/desolate? But oddly too, in the dream, the “buried in the sand” part – felt a bit more connected – even if rather loosely and tenuous. And the forming of the mold around me on that railroad flatcar kind’a thing – that part of the “ride” felt kind’a neat and even a bit exhilarating – connection? – physical sensation – some G forces and – rather like a molded caress … though it was just the forming of a mold. And as I think of it, maybe some tie-ins between the “sand” of sorts, and it’s color, and composition, and Martian soil – seems relatively similar – probably that “sand” more like soil of Mars than beach sand.

And yesterday morning, another dream fragment – some kind of an escape from captivity – jail or something like that. Not sure what from or why, but got the impression I had been held when there was no reason for me to have been held … and not sure if it was “escape”, or release, or some of both. Don’t really remember much detail of that one, other than I escaped or was released, and impression that I shouldn’t have been held in there anyway.

Interpretation? Dear knows on that latter one – and mostly lacking details anyway. And, environmental, I think it was quite influenced by a highly recent video I’d seen where two people escaped from jail – one totally innocent, who’d been forced to escape at the same time as the other, by that other.



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