Depressing thought of the (earlier) week

Okay, was earlier week (2015-05-10–2015-05-16), but in any case …

“terminal” days and … what I’d do with ’em. (& TED talk video) …

So, … couple months or so earlier, watched a TED talk video, specifically:, one can also read the transcript.

Okay, so perfectly fine video and all that.

Ah, but the depressing thought that occurred to me.
Terminal days – whether I had or created them, what would I do with them?
What are all those things in … say 6 months to a year or so – if I only had that many days left, … or was just going to insert such “terminal” days to use as if, what would I do with them? What would I want to do, see, explore, change, do more of, etc.
The depressing bit? Damn little. Couldn’t really think of hardly anything I’d want to or could do that is – or at least seems – reasonably feasible. Not quite that there’s nothing I’d want to do, etc. But really dang little, and most of what I’d be most interested in doing, seems pretty darn unattainable – at least for me – or at least quite improbable. So, … yeah, … that was my depressing thought of the week. Bleh.

Need better attitude, some stuff I actually really want to do and is feasible/probable, etc. Therein lies the rub.


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