Xmas 2014

So, again, not too surprising, Christmas 2014, … I was not looking forward to it.
Okay, so I was looking forward to the new episode of Doctor Who – and yes, I did see that episode on Christmas Day, and it was good (but not great, whatever, still pretty good) episode ‘n all that – glad I at least had that for Christmas.
So, … how sad/pathetic is it that the only thing at all I was actually looking forward to for Christmas was a new episode of Doctor Who?
Anyway, mostly just been increasingly down on the Christmas stuff each year. It’s really got so damn little in it for me. And, for what I do of it for others, … heck, most of ’em I don’t even hear from, or hardly so, … let alone get anything “back” … not that I want more “stuff” or anything like that anyway. But, a ‘lil appreciation, a ‘lil thanks, … that would be good once in a while, and goes a long ways. But most, … I don’t hear anything from. Maybe they don’t want “stuff” from me either – or at all? Anyway, yes, glad Christmas is “over” (for certain definitions of “over” … well, mostly over – though some bits often drag on for a (little?) while … but mostly over, at least fairly shortly after Christmas).

But, somewhat randomly, very late Christmas Day (like starting at nearly 11:30 P.M.) did, surprisingly and unexpectedly (yes, pretty random) end on a positive note (and probably having noting to do with it happening to be Christmas) …
probably not going to particularly cover that on this blog, but possibly/likely somewhere else.


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