Dreams, contact not, isolation, …

I suppose perhaps it ought not surprise me. But so much isolation, lack of connection, lack of contact, lack of real conversations, about zilch on any human physical contact. Anyway, dreams, sex in dreams? Physical contact in dreams? Conversation(s) in dreams? All highly lacking. What do I find myself getting “excited” about – if even moderately so, in dreams? Getting to hang out in proximity. No contact, no touch, no conversation, not even doing anything, not even seeing the person, just merely getting to hang out within a few feet of ’em, quietly, nobody saying a darn thing, them being “okay” with that – nothing more, and nothing at all happening – didn’t even get to see ’em – they were totally under the bed coverings, head-to-toe, almost as if someone had made the bed with them in it, but instead, rather, they’d just inserted themselves that way, totally and completely covering themselves up. And I thought it was a big exciting deal to get to hang out within several feet of ’em like that – I was quite working up to it and trying to achieve that. Okay, so didn’t quite actually even achieve that, but hey, at least I was quite looking forward to it – or at least a distinct possibility thereof. Yeah, that’s about as exciting as the “human contact” in even my dreams gets to be these days. Ah, if even my reality were so much as merely that “exciting”, but alas, not even close to so little as that. FML.


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