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Ah, the book _The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships_ – Temple Grandin. Yup, not at Berkeley Public or San Francisco Public, but Link+ … 12 locations show it listed, however of those, none show having more than one copy yet, only 5 show in the system as “AVAILABLE”, however :-) San Jose Public shows “5 copies ordered on 09-18-2013” – so I think that’s fair game, once they’re in (I kind’a hate to deprive a library or location of their only copy – at least if it’s easy enough to avoid doing that; oddly, though, I don’t exactly think/feel that way when I go into local library and grab something off the shelf and check it out).

Hmmm, one book I’ve checked out a lot lately (it is quite authoritative reference on the topic – though not exactly a reference book per se), from San Francisco Public – has two copies – I’ve mostly been checking ’em out alternately – I think thus far the other copy has always been on the shelf when I checked one of ’em out. Yep – one shows as available, and the other now shows as “SORTING” – I just dropped that one in the bookdrop yesterday after the library was closed. I ought just buy that book … likely can find it used for pretty cheap. And if I find that Temple Grandin book to be similarly useful to me, I probably likewise ought buy it – at least if it’s something I may tend to want to refer back to and reread, etc.

Temple Grandin also has a TedTalk that’s quite worth watching: Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds. Seems I likely mentioned it at least once before, … but not sure where or to whom, or if I got it on blog earlier.

And part of my logical brain looks at written book of unwritten whatever – and sees that as a paradoxical logical contradiction. How could one have a written anything of that which is unwritten – ’tis not possible, correct?


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