Cancelled? Canceled?

No wonder I suck at English – and spelling. Is it Cancelled, or Canceled? Both. Both are correct spellings – at least in American English. No wonder I get confused. I mean geez, they’ve had what, how many hundred years to get the language right and make up their minds? And they still keep screwing around with it. Had to deal with an application, not too long ago, key field in essentially two tables. Allowed values – and all this from the same vendor – in one “table”, Cancelled, but not Canceled, and the other, vice versa. How bloody annoying! And all within the same product from the same vendor, geez! And it’s not like they’re targeted for different languages or countries. Ugh. And yes I inquired, and no they’re not going to “fix” it or make it consistent. And of course if you put in the wrong Cancel[l]ed in either of those fields, it, “of course” won’t work. Who the hell designed that cr*p?


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