Boredom Proneness Scale (BPS)

Boredom Proneness Scale (BPS) – I got:
“You have a 67% chance of being bored out of your skull.
Boredom sets in quickly. Coping with monotony is a struggle.”

Hmmm, that one must be scored differently – another source I ran across (reference at end of this post) actually says, that “average scores range between 81 and 117”.

Uhm, yes, I did also nod off multiple times while taking the above quiz before completing it – all of 30 questions (1 age, 1 gender, 28 true/false).

Okay, searching some more … Boredom Proneness Scale (BPS) – “Your Score 144
The Boredom Proneness Scale suggests that the higher you score on the scale, the more prone you are to boredom. Your score of 144 suggests you are in the top 1%-2% of the population likely to become bored.

Just 2.3% score above 135 or below 63.”

Hmmm, yeah, a whole lot of scales/tests/measures, I tend to score “about average”, or .. one to two or more standard deviations away from average (e.g. 10%, to more often about 5% to 1% or less at extreme end of scale).

Anyway, this is the video that lead me to search out (and take) those tests: Why Do We Get Bored?


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