Seems the approximately last week+ has gone at least somewhat better for me.  Not great.  Not “good”, but, well, at least “okay”, which is better than things have generally been for me for a fair while now.  And, so what about it was (so much?) “better” ‘n all that?  What did/do I look forward to?  Ah, if only it were that simple.  A lot was a fair – or at least moderate – bit different.  Wish I could say and point too, “Oh, that – that is what made it so much better – or, well, even significantly better.”  But I can’t.  Don’t know.  Whole lot ‘o factors/differences.  Might’ve been any one of them?  Or maybe mostly combination and combined effect.  And, sure, okay, not great, not even “good”, but hey, “okay” – that’s an improvement.  Sure, more of that would be good.  Uhm, … but of what, what did it?  Heck if I now.  Maybe it was “just”, or mostly, the more-so breaking up of the pattern(s), just doing some things different and/or more.  Perhaps so.  I dunno.  Some traces of hope in there – if even slight; slight being better than none or nearly so.  I don’t know, but was a relatively “okay” week … for a change.  Wish I knew much more precisely what made it so – but maybe it was everything?  I dunno.  Ooooh, and looking forward to …. what?  Yeah, maybe if I knew what made it better, I’d be looking forward to that what; but alas, I don’t.  So, am I looking forward to … whatever?  Eh, maybe barely.  Not like I’m avoiding or trying to not do whatever – not an aversion.  Looking forward?  Eh, maybe some bit better than could take it or leave it – at least on some stuff, anyway.  But, … grounded, solid, positive?  Eh, naw, don’t have or particularly have that.  Still mostly muddling my way through it … somehow. … and, … how goes the present week?  Bit early to say yet.  Not sure … okayish or so?  Maybe/probably not as good as last week was?  But better than most of the preceding weeks?  Just a guestimate anyway.  As I say, for this week, yet early to tell.


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