to blog, or not to blog?

To blog, or not to blog?  A question I kind’a find myself recently pondering a bit more.

Why blog – for me, to blog that is?  Why do I question “it” – or my blogging?  Not so much the what to blog – and not blog, and when, where, how, etc.  Rather or not the (mostly) to blog at all, or not, and why?

I think I find myself asking myself the wrong question, or looking at it the “wrong” way.  Disappointed?  Yes, often much.  Wanting connection, communication, interaction, and mostly quite highly lacking such.  Blog is not the answer for that.  Not that the answer is “wrong”, no, rather it’s the wrong question!

What, at least mostly, is the blogging for – at least for me in my case?  Mostly it’s a place to “communicate” – more like vent, dump, express, and most notably when it’s got no where else to go!  When there just isn’t anyone I can talk with/to … nobody close/available – far too generally the case.  So, … for lack of better, … at least some fair bit of that goes to blog.  It’s really mostly not about interaction.  I keep wishing that were here, but I shouldn’t expect that it is or would be.  It’s mostly just dumping/pouring out into the ether – off into the void.  Shouldn’t expect a response.  Certainly shouldn’t expect “connection”.

So, maybe if I look at it that way … in proper context – a place for stuff to go, put, be expressed, when it’s got no where else to go, well, … then it’s … okay, I guess.  Really shouldn’t expect more than that.  “Okay”.  I guess that at least beats less than okay.


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