I could use a marketing department

So, came up in some recent communications.  E.g./notably relationship, and my quite(!) lack thereof.  I could certainly do with a marketing department.  I don’t “market” or (particularly or hardly at all) “promote” myself well at all – or more so, rather than poorly, I mostly just don’t – period.

So, doesn’t exactly serve my own best self-interest on the dating/relationship front (e.g. zero dates so far this year – not even anything close to a near miss yet).  Or does it?  Whole friggin’ lot of time, energy, attention, resources, poured into generally quite disappointing results – surely quite disappointing net results – tends to be pretty dang depressing after a while – not to mention all the resource burn for naught.

Very roughly paraphrasing (I’m not going to quote – don’t want to be too identifyable), other said to me I’m excellent, and if I believe in myself I’ll be self-promoting.  I guess that’s at least partly true.  Maybe I ought believe in myself more strongly?  Does seem to at least somewhat work.  A couple select “random” examples.  Quite accomplished in my career / job skills.  Last time I interviewed (okay, so I was not passionate about it), I didn’t even prep for the interview at all really (were it an opportunity I was quite excited about, I certainly would have preped at least some fair bit), I was relatively sought out (I didn’t work hard at all to turn up the opportunity), I found the interview quite easy for me (that’s been the case for about a decade or more now, with exceedingly rare exception) aced out the competition (beat all other interviewing candidates), they offered me the job.  Last interview before when I took job was fairly similar – hardest questions I found quite easy – Sr. person there interviewing me was so satisfied with how I answered, and the questions I asked about the question, said person was like, “I’m satisfied” – and we spent the remainder of the time casually talking about the work environment and company.  (Technically) two consecutive times before that there was no interview – my reputation preceded me, they wanted me, was just a matter of details such as when and compensation, then it was a done deal.  The one before that, “toughest” question (the “hard tough ‘killer’ question” they asked all their candidates) I found to be highly easy and I answered it exceedingly well (and their other questions were even easier than that).  Chronologically before that?  Interviewed, offered the job, interviewed, offered the job, tested – top score of about 25+ candidates, interviewed, offered job, interviewed, offered job, interviewed, offered job.  Okay, missing 2 minor exceptions among all those, but that’s been the typical pattern, anyway.  Uh, I said “one”? … well, one set, anyway.  Other example.  Relationships.  Okay, so maybe I highly lack at getting into them (or hell, even a date!), but for those very few that ever got so far as to actually know me rather to quite well, well, I’d say they’ve generally been quite to highly satisfied.  Haven’t had much in the way of significant complaints there (if there were even any that were that significant in the way of complaints?).  Not exactly a major self-marketing success there on the relationship front – but at least if/when I’ve made it fairly far along (e.g. person actually knows me rather to quite well), things generally seem to go dang well from there.  So I guess that sort’a kind’a counts as self-marketing.

So, I guess there’s some self-marketing that goes on that works at least fairly well.  But could work a lot better!  E.g. career stuff – I’ve probably, even for being quite “top of my game” and “top of the heap” at what I generally do – probably still have significantly undershot what I could be aiming for and doing (e.g. one knowledgeable friend thinks I ought to be making about thrice what I do by aiming somewhat higher and being a bit more flexible regarding some types of opportunities).  Likewise on the relationship front – or heck, geez, a mere date!  Okay, maybe I’m at least theoretically a bit envious of women that can, e.g. put their profile on OkCupid and be dating a different guy every week (’till they’re sick of it after a year or so … heck, don’t know that I’ve dated (or even met for a possible date!) 50 or more different women in my entire life let alone within a year’s time!).  Anyway, definitely room for optimization there.  But not about marketing ‘better’ or more.  About marketing smarter.  If it burns a whole lot of resource/time etc., with negligible to zero (or even negative!) results, then that is not useful or good investment of resource.  So, yeah, marketing – gotta do what works well – for me – and that’s probably not dating 50 different women in a year’s time – one excellent match and I could be well set … so, … should whittle that 49 others down to a much more manageable number?  Perhaps very much so.  Uhm, … not that I’ve got a 49 or 50 to whittle down from, but, at least theoretically, were there 49 queued up, I think I’d get pretty sick of poor fits long before I could make it through 50 of ’em.  Need a lot more to be at least reasonably in the ballpark – if not dang close.  Otherwise I’ll likely get pretty sick of it pretty quick (hypothetically speaking anyway – never exactly had that “problem” of that many women, that often).  Something to be said for efficiency, though, of not expending(/wasting) “too much” effort.  Last time around (at least thus far) looking for next career opportunity – did only a fairish job of updating my resume … but that was “good enough”.  After all, purpose of resume is to get interview – after that the resume isn’t all that important.  So, sure, resume could’ve been much better (and still could be) – but … was that important?  Could well be argued it wasn’t important.  Maybe similar on, e.g. OkCupid.  Maybe I ought not try – or try that much – there, or similar places.  Maybe try “too hard”, and all I find is really poor fits anyway?  I dunno.  So, … those that know me well generally tend to quite like me.  But exceedingly few ever know me well at all.  Hmmmm, how to bridge that gap?  And “marketing” doesn’t seem to be the answer for that, either.  Not only do I tend to relatively suck at marketing, and marketing of myself, but it’s relatively contrary to my nature.  Rather like me marketing me inherently projects something that’s not quite me – so “doomed” to not work so well, eh?

So, … how does one effectively market such a, uh, marketing-resistant product?  Surely must be some marketing experts that know the answer to that!  :-)  So, have a product (me), that many ‘consumers’ want (I’ll settle for one good one), but where most consumers don’t recognize that, and product, which, when most conventional marketing means are used (e.g. self-promotion), the marketing tends to not work or not work well?  Hmmmmm…. guerilla or viral marketing?  I dunno.


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