Moral/ethical decisions – a useful technique

Just thought I’d mention, as I’ve often found it highly useful, and at least occasionally still do.  So, often having to make moral/ethical decisions.  A particular technique I’ve found highly useful, especially in two fairly common scenarios.  Those two fairly common scenarios being:
It’s a very tough moral/ethical decision to make, often quite complex with numerous factors and considerations involved, and often no where close to a “clear cut” choice as to which is the better moral/ethical choice. And one may often find oneself rather to quite uncertain which choice to make.
Another common scenario:
One has to make the moral/ethical choice pretty darn quickly. There may not be nearly as much time available to carefully consider it as one might much prefer to, but at least there’s some bit of time to give it at least a little bit of thought – but often little to no time beyond only that.

And the technique.  Not exactly like millions, or even billions of folks haven’t more-or-less suggested it before, at least in comparable or analogous forms.  I think I’d call or term it the “model” method.  Think of someone – actual, hypothetical, believed, whatever – doesn’t precisely matter.  But a particular someone – the someone who you think, if they had to make that decision, would be the best person to make the best and most moral/ethical decision on the matter that could be made.  Just think of that person, and think what they would decide.  Often, “just” imagining and thinking of that, it is rather to quite clear what they would decide.  And, that’s usually the “right” answer/decision.  Interesting bit is, one needn’t even understand why.  That may become very clear and apparent later – or perhaps even not.  But, it’s often a very useful technique for making moral/ethical decisions – and probably especially in the two scenarios I described.  I know I certainly have used it – and very well, on numerous occasions, and I’m sure I still at least occasionally still use it.  Not exactly “new news”.  I mean, folks have done the “WWJD” and the like for a long time.  But, certainly don’t have to limit oneself to thinking of a single “person” or even entity in that role.  Take it case-by-case.  For the case/decision at hand, think of whom (or what entity or whatever) would make the most moral/ethical/”best” decision for that decision at hand, and what they would decide.  Could be a religious figure/entity/person, some role model, mentor, teacher, leader, even “business” leader (if sufficiently/highly moral/ethical) – even a hypothesized/imagined ideal model of such – think of what they would decide.


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