Do one thing every day that … challenges, resolutions

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
A pretty good quote. Of course one wouldn’t want to be foolhardy in implementing it. And there is quite little (is there really much of anything?) that “scares” me. But I have been quite thinking of that – “Do one thing every day” … that … what? Looking to improve, that “moves the needle”. Not “scares”. Challenges? No, not precisely that – I do like and take on challenges, often quite so! “Hard work”? Naw, I very often, often even quite highly willingly, take on very to quite hard, even very exhausting, draining, challenging, hard work. So, that’s not quite it either. More like a certain flavor of hard.

Do one thing every day that … tough? Work on something tough – to me – every day? I think closer, at least. So I went thesauri surfing. Tough, arduous, grueling, challenging, demanding, taxing – something roughly like that. Perhaps the precise “word” I’m looking for doesn’t exist in English – at least as some single English word. In any case, I think you get the general idea. So, I ought more work on some hard stuff – at least a bit, and generally every day. Something(s) not only difficult and challenging to me, but perhaps a more defining, at least commonly a characteristic, things I don’t like doing, but that are important to do. Be it merely having them “done” or having done them, or often more importantly, accomplishing some noteworthy things from having done them.

So yes, generally trying to be more aware and conscious of, and work in, and on, more of those tough items I ought be working on or working more on.  Not that there are specific things that jump out at me on that – e.g. that I’ve been quite skipping or avoiding.  No, not particularly that.  At least mostly it’s more a matter of shifting the balance – in terms of time, attention, energy, thought, focus, and work done and accomplished on, yes, ought to be getting some more of the tough stuff done and worked on.

My writing.  Yes, one of those tough things for me.  Oh, merely “cranking it out” – naw, that’s not hard for me, certainly at least not generally.  Writing better?  Ah, yes, getting warmer.  That’s fairly hard for me.  But I can do that.  That’s not the most useful – or hard and challenging place to “work on” that.  No, not the “merely” writing (much) better.  That I can do … just takes me friggin’ forever – well, like about three to five times as long as merely “cranking it out” plus an additional pass or two to edit to fix the more egregious errors (typos, spellos, and essentially unparseable bits).  No, what’s really hard and challenging, and that I’ve not yet achieved – or at least haven’t managed to do it well in a very long time – I “need” (or sure as heck ought) to write well and efficiently.  Notably efficiently of my time.  ‘Cause if/when I fail to write both well and efficiently, the results are … well, either the writing is pretty sucky, or I end up consuming far too much of my time – and to not get all that much written, or very commonly, it simply just doesn’t get written at all – I just don’t do it.  So, yes, at least one of those though things I ought do much better at is writing efficiently well.  I probably need to practice that … a lot.  :-)  I think a helluva lot of it has to do with (better) organizing it in my head before I manage to type out much or hardly or even any of it.  And I did think of one useful technique on that sometime within the last year or two – I believe I even wrote a bit about that – but can’t presently locate that.  It was of writing, in terms of thinking, as having a dialog – almost in an “interview” format.  Well, probably lots of other useful bits, but need to much improve the writing efficiency.  And it needs to happen before much/most of the text is typed out, as once that’s done, it’s, at least for me, highly resource (time!) intensive to quite substantially improve what I’ve already typed out.  So, I need to learn more and better techniques to improve my writing efficiency – and practice them!  Many other things to work on (and incrementally improve and/or give more time/attention to), but that’s at least one example that comes to mind.

“Resolutions” – and, again, the heck with waiting for a new year or the like to start.  No time like the present! :-) (and yes, been working on that earlier “resolution” too – incremental improvements anyway, longstanding “habit” of many years, so not a quick and easy fix/change)


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