Go ahead and set me up! :-)

So, me & “dating” and “that relationship stuff” – heck, even potential friednship(s) – yup, I’ve for the most part quite a lack (major gap, “hole”) there, but not for lack of interest!  Heck, not really for lack of trying or effort either – been a whole lot ‘o that.  Just trying to be more efficient and practical (and realistic) on that (e.g. psychological survival), and not get myself (so) bummed and – frankly exhausted and burnt out (not to mention horribly inefficient and relatively futile) – putting lots and lots of time and effort into where it essentially goes absolutely nowhere (e.g. OkCupid).  So, …


Seriously.  At least statistically generally speaking, whole lot ‘o relationships, friendships, and the best thereof … doesn’t come from some on-line dating site, but rather via personal referrals and social (and professional) networks.  And me, being rather shy, private, etc. – not to mention not having a whole lot in the way of social or professional networks (and I tend to also not mix the personal into the professional!), well, I don’t have a whole lot of – even potential – leads there.  Heck, even this here is pseudo-anonymous.  It’s not like I’m running around telling everyone I know, “Oh yeah, I’m single … and could certainly do with leads/contacts on someone I might get along with quite well or better.” … naw, haven’t said that at all for the most part – so relatively few know (other than fair number knowing I’m single, but even that is mostly limited to just a handful or so – most I don’t tell what is or isn’t goin’ on with me regarding “relationship” … or … total lack thereof :-/).  So, yeah, go ahead and “set me up”, or, more specifically, any potential leads/contacts appreciated.  And needn’t be (capital-RRelationship – heck, decent potential for friendship is quite fine too – it’s not like I’ve some overwhelming number of friends, no, quite the opposite.  So, really, all leads/contacts or potential thereof, quite appreciated.  But, well, not particularly interested in long distance – had my (over)fill of that – wanting to be with/around someone and generally, mostly, or always never being able to actually be with/around them – well, that gets to be highly sucky and limiting after a while.

So, yeah, go ahead and “set me up”, provide those leads/contacts, whatever.  Think that person might be too … problematic, “needy”, “basket case”, “trouble”, whatever?  Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out and deal with it (and run if I need to) – but not too likely I’d do that.  If they’re (far) too much of a “sink hole” for me, well yeah, I may give up and walk away from that – but I don’t tend to give up easily.  So, if you think that is or may be the case, you could always give me a head’s up :-) – I would quite appreciate that, and in any case, I’m generally going to figure “it” out sooner or later anyway – what’s going on, their situation, who they are as a person, etc., and … it’ll be workable, or … it won’t be.  Don’t really know ’till I try.  Have been through a helluva lot with some friends and/or relationships – so – can handle and take on a lot.  But, it’s not like I’m especially looking to take on something that’s all disaster and drain and nothin’ else, but too, things may look different to me on that, than to you or someone else.

“set up” – uhm, and not like a “blind date” (at least generally and probably not) – basic contact information or introduction or something like that.  We’ll figure it out from there.

Ah, but relationship(s), they don’t fix everything!  Yes, quite true.  Not to say I’m broken.  “Gotta love yourself!” – uhm … that “love self” thing doesn’t work for me – like – like myself – that works well enough for me – I sure as heck don’t hate myself, anyway.  (Sure I’m self-critical, but I’m not mean or nasty about it.).  “But relationships don’t fix anything!” – I call bull on that claim.  I do a helluva lot better in good relationship – always have in good relationships.  Even do much better having good friendship(s) – certainly compared to quite lacking in such.  And it’s not just me.  Look at some objective measures such as happiness, contentment, longevity.  Homo sapiens do (much! – or at least significantly) better in (good) relationships and with (good) friends / support/social network(s).  So, yeah, that stuff does matter – and is quite important!  So, don’t tell me it doesn’t fix anything.

And it’s not like I’m bad friendship or relationship material.  Not at all.  The friends I have and have had, do and have quite to highly appreciated me (sucks when they die or some shit like that happens).  Likewise on the relationship stuff.  The good relationships I’ve been in (heck, even some that weren’t good!), “she”, generally always quite to highly interested in me.  It’s not like I’ve “scared off” or chased away many (or even any at all?).  Sure, some (even many!) have found they weren’t interested in me – namely those I never even got into a relationship with – or even particularly close.  But the vast majority of those (probably over 98%?) never even got to know me very well at all – in most cases hardly knew me at all.  (Not that there’s something “wrong” with me, but everyone’s got their personal preferences and “taste” and what they want (and don’t want), etc., and … well, whole lot of the time it’s just not going to be a good “fit”, not that there’s anything “wrong” with either of the persons involved).  So yeah, really, I do make for quite the fine friend – even relationship.  Not that I’m perfect, not at all – nobody is.  But lot ‘o excellent qualities, and make some persons a great friend – or more.


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2 Responses to “Go ahead and set me up! :-)”

  1. Gee Jordan Says:

    LOL.. Dude you are hilarous!!!!!

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