A sampling of my opinion on …

A (recent) sampling of my opinion on a few random things, presented as … well, links to my comments on some blogs of others.  Might also help to read/skim the blog entries (and/or comments as applicable) to which my comments are a reply.  Anyway, listing them here, more so by what I addressed/commented upon, rather than necessarily precisely the top of the blog (or blog comment) to which I responded.

(In some cases, notably if my comment is rather to quite near the bottom, one might need to read down a bit in one’s browser to get to my comment(s).  The “anchor” tags on these URLs should otherwise get you automagically positioned down to where my comment starts, with that at the top in one’s browser view – at least once the page has sufficiently loaded.)

Guns, massacres / mass shootings, and stopping/preventing such (primarily in context of United States)

Racism (in music?!?!?!)

Space program (NASA), moon landing, spending, priorities, different times – then – and now

Finding that special someone: “dating” sites, “on-line”, “specialized” dating sites, some of my experiences with specialized dating sites, and no, that’s not how it worked there(!)

Valentine’s Day – smiles – despite it all

Building/having that great personal and professional network … “oops” … (mostly) not there … “oh well”, bit better than it was, anyway

human decency (and common sense) – missing/gone in America? (or on threatened/endangered list?) and … taking action


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