status: me & “dating” and “that relationship stuff”

“How’s your love life?” <cough>  Uh, … what’s that?  Oh yeah, I remember (thinks me: vaguely … too vaguely … whatever).

“How’s your love life?” – I think once upon a time (probably roughly mid to late 1970s), was catchphrase/line in some advertising campaign.  (And a quick Google search seems to confirm my recollection).  I still well remember, must’ve been late 70s or early 80s, once at my grandparents, at least one of my cousins was also there, and my grandmother turns to her and asks her, “How’s your love life?”  :-)  Grandparents can be great, and many are.  I was fortunate to have quite excellent of grandparents, but alas, they’re all gone now, and have been for years – but very cool to remember them.  And that same grandmother, my last then surviving grandparent, after having been married over 60 years, some years after her husband (my grandfather) of all those years had passed, tired of living alone – and cooking for herself, moved into some type of assisted living retirement home – not that she needed much (or any) assistance – but was good to have it available if she needed or wanted it – and more notably, she was tired of living alone – so had quite the community in the fairly large facility she moved into.  Well, wasn’t long before I learned, “grandma has a boyfriend!” – may have in fact even been that same cousin that told me.  And alas, given M/F longevities and stats, and gender ratios typical in such facilities, typically a lot more (single) women than (single) men in such facilities.  So, no small feat that she’d have herself a boyfriend there, but delightfully charming and all, not all that surprising either.  Anyway, as my cousin related it to me those many years ago, I think the words she spoke were quite approximately this, “So, did you hear grandma’s got a boyfriend?!?  Yeah, she said she likes having him over … but isn’t quite so keen on him still being there in bed with her when she wakes up in the morning.”

So, me, “status”, relationship(s), dating? <cough>  Uhm, me?  Yup, ain’t much happening there … also not really trying.  Not for lack of interest, though.  Time, … priorities.  That makes it a rather to quite low priority, right?  Yes, … and no.  The pursuing what I ain’t got and isn’t even anywhere near within reach – e.g. some person I’ve not so much as met and they’ve not so much as even attempted to contact me.  That bit of it … “the hell with it” … well, sort’a, anyway, … very low priority presently.  Takes way too damn much effort and time, and for mostly a whole lot of disappointment.  What, something close to 2 years on OkCupid now, and, certainly lots of time and effort (not all the time, but certainly overall), and … “results”?  Hell, haven’t made it beyond a hug.  A couple seemingly good – maybe even excellent(?) possibilities … but … they seemed to quite evaporate to nothing over a matter of a couple weeks to a few months or so.  One exception of note – one most excellent of friend via OkCupid.  That’s certainly damn good and highly appreciated, and cannot be undervalued.  But … as for “girlfriend” or anything approaching (capital-R) “Relationship” <cough> – nope, not even close.  A try at an old flame?  Not to be detailed here, but essentially, “not happening”.  Uhm, but priority, quite low?  Yes, and no!  Yup.  Where’s it a high priority then?  Where there’s a tangible realistic probability.  Notably if/where I’ve met or rather/quite know someone and it seems/appears there’s non-trivial probability that things may be quite possible.  Well, in that case, it’s quite a high priority, and gets lots of attention (and interest, resources, etc.).  So, yeah, if, e.g. I was “seeing someone”, that’d be quite high priority.  But, … as for someone I’ve not met, and not even heard from … screw that.  Not a priority.  So, yup, generally, haven’t even been particularly trying – just way too much resource burn for mostly far too much disappointment – and pretty much nothing else.  Last non-spam message I got on OkCupid, I replied … and … like about 90% – no response.  And that’s been it for me & OkCupid for the past many months or so now.  “Oh well.”  Fuck it.  No rush in the meantime.(?)  Shit.  Such is life.  Sometimes, anyway.


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