Random coolness – love

Was earlier, but saw something quite cool.  In colored chalk, on the sidewalk – a bunch of sidewalks – ran for about 3 blocks long, and also bit to the side on perpendicular sidewalks at some of the blocks.  About every 10 feet (3 m.) or so, a different, and quite touching and genuine “I love you” of one flavor or another, colorfully written out, and often also rather to quite “illustrated”, at least a bit, too.  Each quite specific.  E.g. like “I love you multitudes.”, with many people drawn, “I love your sexy brain”, “I love you in your sunglasses” – with drawn sunglasses, “I love when you smile at me”, etc., etc.  Looks like it was quite laid out to get the attention of a certain someone as they walked their approach there to a certain other someone.  Including various arrows and the like at different points along the way too.  A cool, touching thing to see.

I think the world needs more cool, strong, bold, courageous, and unabashed expressions of love, affection, care, concern, etc.  Quite reminded me too of  Seeing someone quite care/love – public displays of affection.


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