Seeing someone quite care/love – public displays of affection

So, cool, nice, touching thing I saw quite recently. Rather wish the likes of which were much more commonly seen/shown/displayed.

I’ll quite leave out the identifiable details.

So, two people, let’s just call ’em B, and A. In a quite crowded spot, B and A enter quite close together – I don’t quite notice that as they enter, but quite so immediately after. Very close together, A, not so close as wrapped around B, yet quite close, they almost move in unison so smoothly it looks highly natural and almost quite as if they were moving as a unit, rather than as two. B moves against a “wall” of sorts, A staying a quite constant close distance alongside B as they move – almost seems odd they could move that closely and in unison, without stepping on each other’s feet – especially the angle they were facing and moved in, and worked their way rather quickly through the crowded bit of space from entrance to off quite to the side. So, B pretty much leans/presses to the wall of sorts, A keeps right alongside B. A positions rather quite like a “shield” around B – A’s back mostly to the crowd – between most of the folks there and around there, and B, and B pressing self rather quite to the “wall” – as if to almost want to disappear into the wall, or at least shrink back from the crowd and be as unnoticed as possible. B was mostly facing away from me, so I didn’t get to see face or facial expression for the most part, but movement, positioning, body language, etc., all seemed to quite suggest, if not indicate, that B felt sad, perhaps upset, scared, uncomfortable, depressed, hurt – some thing or things along those lines – and not at all towards A – close with A, but B looking as if B wanted to disappear from – if not quite escape from – the crowd. A around B, close, … A reaching around and behind B, touching/stroking back of head and hair, neck, back. A leaning in very close in front of B, and down too, in front of B – directly in front of direction B’s head was facing – somewhat downward, A saying, mere inches in front of B, what I presume were some comforting/consoling words – enough for B to hear, but so softly no one else could so much as make out a whisper of what was said – very privately said – or affording such – in a very public space. The whole while as I and they were there – probably a bit over 20 minutes – A, ever present, acting as shield/buffer between B and crowd, body and arms of A placed physically quite between B and crowd – almost a one person “security cage” around B – not only physically, but in body language and specific positioning too, and quite attending and attentive to B, not squeezing or suffocating B, but A, very tender and close. Rather quite reminds me – of instances of animal – or person – quite putting their body on the line to shield another, from any actual – or perceived – threat or danger. But there was more too – the deep caring, concern, and attentiveness shown, and the highly appropriate and powerful focus of A on B – not the slightest indications of A being at all the slightest bit self-conscious or giving a damn about what anybody else thought or what it looked like – just totally focused, A on B and A protecting, shielding, and attending to and closely watching B. Anyway, I just thought it was pretty damn special and impressive to see the caring, level of caring, and to see it quite displayed like that – not at all flaunting it or anything even near to that, but just being so intensely attentive – quite as if – if not very much so the case, that in that moment, and in that time, nothing else mattered – not in the least.

Anyway, just a damn cool impressive thing to see. Seems we ought to see a helluva lot more sights and actions like that … but seems we mostly just don’t. Seems just typically doesn’t get shown, demonstrated, or done to that level and intensity – certainly at least not out in public, anyway. Why the hell not? Are things just not felt that much or that commonly or to that degree? Or are folks too afraid or self-conscious to express and show such – at least when others are also around?

Some random bits (some more specific thoughts/feelings seeing such I may put on a separate blog entry). I was relatively “behind” B, in positioning when B settled into position against “wall”, with A mostly surrounding B. I moved back a bit more – I myself was against same “wall” – to give them a bit more room and “space” – though there wasn’t all that much room to move around and reposition anyway – but I gave ’em what additional space I reasonably could. I did watch/notice/observe – but as unobtrusively and noninvasively as feasible – e.g. didn’t stare or directly look much, but mere feet from me and almost directly ahead of me, wasn’t much to be missed even without explicitly watching. I mostly took role of “passive” observer, … bit of smile, perhaps trace of a nod, but otherwise no comment, “reaction”, or intrusion by me towards their interactions.


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