Dream: social gathering, or burnt cold dead? Or both? Or only and exactly one?

Another interesting odd dream, fairly short one, or bit of one (hazards of a short nap?).
In the dream, I was a woman, on some kind of a slighly odd shaped spacecraft – white, smooth, shiny interior, almost egg-like in its curves, but more curvy than that. Somethow almost like a craft that somehow fit together, with these sweeping curves within it. But not a very big craft. Seems it was designed to house and transport a fairly small crew – maybe 3 to 5 people or so, … somehow seemed “family”-like – but not family, perhaps long journey with crew, or had known each other long time and were quite comfortable with each other? Seemed, in any case, quite family-like, … yet not quite or actually family somehow. The scene … zero gravity, floating, in the capsule or craft, floating through it, … but not just that small crew – we had visitors – was quite a social gathering of sorts somehow … maybe seven, to ten, perhaps as many as close to 12 or 15 people. It was some kind of happy social gathering, like of larger and more extended faimily, quite glad to see each other, … or not quite family, … cherished colleagues? Not quite sure, maybe a mix. I remember seeing this, how I felt, and interacting a bit somehow, … floating through … they were floating too, but more regularly arranged, mostly around a largish table – almost like a picnic table, but not … some of the colors were as if they’d – or someone had – maybe even me, … don’t know, had decorated it at least some bit – nice bright and varied splashes of color among and over the otherwise mostly just smooth shiny white plastic surfaces. I remember seeing and hearing all this, then suddenly, flash to completely different scene in same craft, just me, maybe some very few others, but otherwise completely alone in the craft, and very cold – but not feeling cold – a burning cold – like dry ice pressed to skin – and some alarm on the craft blaring a horn-like sound, indicating some type of critical breach or failure. I remember thinking that was a flash to some averted, or narrowly averted disaster … then flash back to the social gathering, party-like scene again, … then again in an instant, to cold burning frozen, thinking we’d all died, and the gathering was just ghost of a memory. Then flashed back to the gathering, each reality equally vivid, distinct, and real, in all respects, then rapidly flashing back and forth, almost randomly, but quickly, and repeatedly, little time in each – no more than several seconds at a stretch in either “reality” – I remember flipping so much between them that I was rather quickly very confused, not knowing which was the “reality”, and which was merely a memory or some kind of dream of flashback.

Then the dream ended – last thoughts as I came out of it, not sure which “reality” was the “real” one – maybe that we’d all somehow frozen so quickly it burned – and we died, or maybe that was the last I/we recalled … but really wasn’t sure – was quite jarring in any case (enough to jar me awake, anyway).

Weird now, as I think of bits from it. Maybe my subconscious trying to say, in “code”:
social, cold, failed, frozen, burned, dead, missed;
or maybe trying to show a pair of radically different alternate realities.


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One Response to “Dream: social gathering, or burnt cold dead? Or both? Or only and exactly one?”

  1. MichaelBerkeley Says:

    Another possible interpretation, subconscious essentially saying: “no/negligible social, alarming condition; too damn isolated (can we say millions of miles into the cold of space?), burnt cold and dying or quite dead; hazardously close to being or becoming (a) reality.”

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