Another test, another set of results (Autistic? Autism spectrum? Asperger syndrome? …)

So, took yet another test 2012-07-05: Aspie quiz. Rather different results:
Aspie quiz results (graphical)
The results on that one mostly appear more neurotypical (normal) and not, or much less, autistic/autism spectrum/Asperger syndrome, and especially compared to the two earlier tests taken. There’s also much more detailed (14 page PDF) report from the “Aspie quiz”, but I don’t think I’m inclined to post that one.
So, … why so much variance, as compared to, e.g., those tests I took only 5 days earlier? I don’t think I’ve changed all that much in 5 days. I think it’s much more so variation in the tests, and what/how they measure, etc. Maybe I’ll try retaking tests – e.g. repeat the two earlier ones I did a week ago – see if I get same or quite similar results, … then likewise, the “Auspie quiz” – try that again a week after I took it, see if I get results consistent with the earlier taking of that same test. I’d guestimate each test would give me results rather to highly similar to earlier taking of the tests, … but that the “Auspie quiz” test, would still give results very different than the “How neurotypical are you?” and the “Take The AQ Test” tests I took earlier.


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