Computers is my Friend, etc.

“Computers is my friend”. (And other such “friends”). Sad, but (relatively) true.

At least for many, a lot of other things could likewise substitute.

Okay, so computers – never going to be that friendly to me. They’ll never love me. Heck, they’ll never even care, or feel at all in the least.

Regardless, though, they quite “obey” and respond to me. They do precisely what I tell them to. Exceptions to that are very rare. At least when they don’t do precisely what I told them to do, it’s not the computer’s fault.
“This kind of thing has come up before and it has always been attributable to human error” –
HAL 9000 (computer), 2001: A Space Odyssey
They never let me down, … well, hardly. Notwithstanding human introduced aforementioned errors, there are hardware problems, sure, those can let me down hard, but there are backups and tested backups, so those can be fixed and put right again. Besides, “hardware problems”, really just another human failing at the implementation … in design, manufacturing, installation, provided environment, etc. So again, not the “computer”‘s fault. And infinitely (or nearly so) more fixable than a “mere” human – all those physical bits that can break and fail, many of which can’t be repaired or fully repaired or replaced with identical or precisely functionally equivalent replacement components. Heck, the human comes with one guarantee – that it will utterly and completely fail – even if it does manage to last quite a while, in the end, it’s dead and can serve no further purpose (beyond maybe a bit of compost).

Computers don’t have moods. They don’t have finicky unpredictable bits (notwithstanding human introduced flaws). Sure they’ll never love, like, or care. But they’ll never reject you or put you down. They won’t walk away – unless you tell them to. Heck, right attached bits, and they could probably give an excellent massage and exactly to one’s liking … except they’d never feel a thing for you or care at all, … but they’d never regret or despise either.

Computers are highly literal. None of this wishy-washy misinterpretation and ambiguity. It is what it is, and is not what it is not. No more, no less. Their “language” is very easy to understand and clear – at least for many, anyway … certainly is for me. Not so with other humans – no matter how fluent we might both be in the same language, ambiguities and misunderstandings tend to occur, sometimes chronically so. With humans – and at least especially with most, there’s this whole meta-communication thing that really just complicates – and often even quite contradicts, the language communication. Why can’t humans just say what they mean, intend, and even, as applicable, want, and feel? What’s so damn hard about that? Humans are not mind readers, so why walk around half wishing or likewise acting as if they were or ever could be?

And I’m very good at it – computers. Both professionally, and also primary recreational interest.

“But” … computers … there’s no “there” there. Kind’a. Computer is, “just” a tool, is “all”. But a very complex and capable one. One so complex and capable, it can be very possible for a mere human to never really notice or discover that there’s no “there” there. And besides, maybe there’s no “there” out there or beyond anyway, to find or connect to or discover. So, at least “in the meantime”, maybe computer can be a “nice” way to distractedly not discover that ultimate void.

And what of humans, and relations, and “connecting”? And what of it?

Whole lot of other things folks can bury themselves into to not be connected to others. E.g. work, profession, hobbies, you name it. Lots of things people can quite put themselves into and not connect to others. A bad thing? I suppose very much that – “it depends”.


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