Don’t you hate it when …, etc.

A couple random rants, from within the last 24 hours.

Don’t you hate it when … get few messages on OkCupid, etc., then actually receive a message on OkCupid (or Plentyoffish (POF)), and get all excited, hopes quite up (hey, trying to be optimistic) and … F*CK! … 8 out of 9, in over 9 days, are complete and utter cr*p! And yes again, first ever POF message (other than “welcome to”) this morning. Same sh*t! So, I’ve got account and profile on (OkCupid). Also have account and “profile” or whatever on POF (but not so horribly complete – mostly references my OkCupid stuff – but that’s publicly viewable – don’t even need an account there to see much of that). So, stats on latest messages I’ve received on those two sites (small number stats, but, whatever). First of all, uber high on my criteria is communication – most especially for relationship, but pretty important even for friendship. And, for better or worse, I’m fluent (and quite highly so) in only one language – English. Also, I do not want a long distance relationship (been there, done that, not to be repeated). All that’s pretty darn clear on my profile, for anyone that bothers or cares to so much as peek some slight bit. So, of the last 9 messages received between OkCupid and POF (almost all on OkCupid – only one on POF thus far), and that spans 9 days, what have I got? One single solitary nice reasonably fitting and appropriate message received on OkCupid (and at that, it was a response to one I sent – roughly 90% I get no response at all). And the other 8 of 9 – and including my very first on POF (other than basic “welcome to”). Yup, folks who can barely manage to poorly type out marginally intelligible English. On top of that they either are exceedingly distant (some other country – I’ve got my search criteria set at 25 miles – smallest OkCupid lets me set it to … if I could set it to 15 or 10, I likely would … profile also cleary says “near me”, and closest other country is about 400 or more miles away), or, if they claim to be rather local, reality suggests they’re not at all – e.g. they totally fail at answering quite simple questions any local would know about the city in which they live (but can handle what an outsider could figure out via a quick peek at Wikipedia or a simple Google search). So, yeah, 8 out of 9 messages received completely and totally suck … like down pretty much in the spam/scam range range (not much, if at all, above, and often below “Me cook for you, i make you good wife. I like clean too do that good. We make happy together.”) – at (the highly sucky) “best”, it’s someone clueless and uncaring about an actual “match”, and that’s just shopping to get married to be able to come to, stay, or work in the US.

Don’t you hate it when … you forget something really critical when you head out the door. And only discover it way too late. Ugh. With the aforementioned lovely <cough> start to my day already noted above, I head off to work. Regardless where I’m headed, exceedingly rare I forget anything – at least anything particularly critical or important. And even if I do, I usually realize that quite quickly (within minutes or less), turn around, grab it, and head out again. Well, not today. First time in over 5 years (and first I can remember probably within the last 10 to 15 or more?) – forgot something critical before leaving … and … didn’t realize it until it was far too late. Yup, totally screwed up and f*cked my day up. Forgot something critical for work, arrived at work without … headed back home – over 2 hour round trip for nothing, totally wasted, and quite messed up my workday. Ugh.

So, yeah, I’ve been doing less than great lately. Head hasn’t really been “in the game” as it ought to … or … bit too focused on me (but where “me” really needs the attention and it ain’t comin’ from anywhere else), and other things that ought not be slipping are – at least somewhat/sometimes. “Oh well”, been a tumultuous few weeks or so. Sure, some nice/good/high points, but no shortage of rather to quite rough spots – and probably the worst of it is quite done with, and generally getting “smoother”, … but still, far from “smooth”. So, … maybe I shift the focus/attention more? But … that doesn’t necessarily make things better – at least overall.


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