Me and my blog (a starting point, yep, right *here*!)

Welcome to my blog!

I hadn’t really created any type of “starting” page for my blog, and it really ought to have something like that! So, for lack of better place to put such, that’s what this blog entry is!

How to “read” it – or, … context, context!

[2013-03-14 – I pro’lly ought to deemphasize the OkCupid stuff, but, regardless.  Maybe I’ll get around to rewriting this more at some point]

First of all, if one’s not looked it over (or not looked it over relatively recently – it does sometimes get updated, or even “overhauled” – though it remains very true and accurate regardless), best place to start is with a read (or at least skim) of my OkCupid profile. One can first cover that “main” profile page. Probably next best part/area to read on there is some sampling of my questions/answers, perhaps a relatively good starting place/order would be with (sorted by) He cares about. But be forewarned, I publicly answered a lot of questions (over 2,500) – so one probably doesn’t want to go through all of them. Also, at least as I check presently, to see any given answer, one must have also publicy answered the same question on one’s OkCupid profile (hopefully you answered, and publicly, at least a fair percentage of those questions that I care about). Note also that the mere question itself isn’t necessarily that important to me, but, in the context of the question, and the available answer options and/or any explanation I provided, I do consider my position on it, and/or that of someone else’s, to be rather important … or at least so in an OkCupid (friend/relationship or potential thereof) type of context – and may not at all or particularly apply beyond pretty much that context.

And, after having at least gone over (and semi-recently), at least the main bits of my OkCupid profile, then there’s my blog here! :-) However, order and context still remain rather to quite important. Jumping in at the “end” (most recent) or some other random points, may be a rather to quite “jarring” (though not necessarily unpleasant at all) experience.

Oh, and I’ll apologize in advance:

  • My writing, er, “style”, can be rather to quite “sucky”. But hopefully at least the content is “good enough” to still make it generally worth reading – or at least skimming.
  • The blog content can at times be very “raw” and unfiltered, and may sometimes be jarring or unpleasant to read. Well, life is sometimes that way. It also probably generally reads much better when taken in context (e.g. chronologically).

So, starting point(s). I might suggest, after covering my OkCupid profile:
start with the first/oldest, and then proceed to read/skim them chronologically
(just continue to follow the links up top and pointing to the right – that will “walk” one through them in chronological order).

Another possible approach would be in some semi-random order, perhaps picking things/areas likely to be of most interest. To that end I’m creating at least a partial index here (will likely add/update stuff). Note that jumping in without full(er) context may be particularly “raw” and/or jarring – but I’ve said that quite enough. So,

sample index:

    • Personality, etc. (quite “even keeled”, but more “interesting” within):
        • Autistic? Autism spectrum? Asperger syndrome? Not Neurotypical
          • yet more tests and retests
          • Uhm, yeah, “on the spectrum”?  As in autism or Asperger syndrome or autism spectrum disorder?  Probably not, but … close?  But this ain’t horseshoes.  Pro’lly ought to blog at least a bit more about that (somewhere buried in my queue of things to blog about) – may eventually get around to that (not exactly top or highest/”higher” priority).
    • The good, the bad, and the ugly? Most of the time I feel okay to good or better, but sometimes, when I rather/quite don’t, most typically/commonly for short while (3 days or less, sometimes a short as a few hours or less), I feel rather cruddy. Still fine/okay to get along with on the “outside”, but in such case, I’m definitely not so cheery, enthusiastic, energetic, etc. Here are some of those bits:

Keywords may also be useful to give some type of indication as to content. Again, jumping in without fuller context may be a quite “rough”, unfiltered, and “raw” introduction.

Regardless, … it is what it is, and I am who I am. And, hopefully you might actually like that, or at least find it “interesting”. And, well, if you don’t, there’s no shortage of other stuff to read/see on The Internet, and there are several billion other folks on the planet, many of which may be of quite more interest to you than I am or might be. Happy reading (and/or OkCupid profile hunting, as applicable) and best wishes to you in any case.


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