I wish? Sometimes I *really* wish I were the popular, sought after, (relative) center of attention

I wish? Sometimes I really wish I were the popular, sought after, (relative) center of attention.

Pretty dang sure I never have been, in my entire life – at least generally speaking. E.g. women and dating and on-line dating sites and the like. Most women have no shortage at all of guys that are rather to highly interested in them – and without even hardly working at it. Just barely put themselves out there, and they get a relative flood of messages. For many, so many messages they can hardly even keep up with them. I’ve never had anything anywhere close to that. Damn rare that a woman ever approaches me, who’s interested in me. And even if I message them first, the quite overwhelming majority of the time, I won’t even so much as get the slightest response message at all. Even with all the work “promoting” myself on, e.g. OKCupid, hardly ever does some woman message me first. Heck, most of those exceedingly rare times someone messages me first, it’s spam, or some homosexual or bisexual male (and I’m straight), or some other complete and horrible mis-match, which is obviously clear if they so much as manage to look at even the most basic criteria on my profile there. E.g. if “I’m looking for” someone “near me”, and you’re more than 3,000 miles away, that’s no friggin’ way anywhere close to my criteria. With communication super-high on my criteria, and my only language stated or shown anywhere on the site is English (e.g. “Speaks English (Fluently)”, and I get a message that’s so poor in its English that it’s clear the person can hardly even communicate intelligibly in English, then we are not a match – not even anywhere close. Even all the way back to, e.g. college, high school, junior high, and before that, exceedingly dang rare that a woman/girl would at all approach and be interested in me. So, yeah, in that regard, certainly rather does quite suck to be a straight guy … and specially in the realm of on-line dating … not that anything that’s not on-line or beyond on-line is necessarily much or even necessarily at all better in such regards.

So, just once I really wonder what the hell it’d be like, to have no shortage of attention and persons of potential interest, rather effectively quite “throwing” themselves at me – so all I really had to do was mostly just pick and choose and sort out from among them. Heck, I think I’d probably like that a lot … certainly at least comparatively to the other extreme where I and most guys are mostly at. Having never been there where I had such attentions, I can hardly imagine what it’s like to have such quantities of attention. I’m not necessarily saying that would be easier, but at least to me, sure seems that would be a whole helluva lot easier. Certainly would open up a whole helluva lot of possibilities and opportunities that just are not there for me, at all … or certainly hardly there at all.

Hmmm, let’s see … over 10 months on OkCupid, … how many women – even including horrible mismatches (but not outright spam – okay, some of those horrible mismatches might also in fact quite be spam, but regardless …) have messaged me first? Four. Yup, that’s it, only a whopping grand total of 4 – that’s not even an average of one per 60 days. And if I don’t count the ones that are clearly and obviously horrible mismatches (or possibly even spam) – and that’s easily determinable if they’d looked over my profile at all in the slightest, then I think that count drops all the way down to a grand total of two.

Yup, FML. Egad, I can hardly imagine what it would be like with OkCupid inbox getting so many messages that it often and repeatedly filled up and that I could hardly keep up with it. Some women have that “problem”. Ah, to have such a “problem”.

Anyway, just sayin’, in at least some ways, it sure as hell sucks to be a guy. And being an introverted, and relatively shy guy (especially on initial meetings with strangers) – well, that certainly doesn’t help the situation.

And so it goes.


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  1. MichaelBerkeley Says:

    Yes, guys typically hear so very little:

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