random(?) dream

Bit of a random(?) dream I had quite recently – at least the parts I remembered.

So, I was observing a courtroom. Not sure exactly where/how I was doing that … juror? Or maybe somehow just member of public watching it, but in any case I was in the courtroom. So, there were two lawyers, on opposing sides, and from quite their adversarial stances. They were having a rather teasing, taunting, and fairly comedic banter back and forth. Not like they exactly had everyone there rolling on the floor laughing, but definitely entertaining, and getting folks smiling, smirking, and chuckling at least. In some ways, it was like watching an old married couple, or a sparring pair of pals – where they quite like – or even love – each other, but they continually and competitively tease and taunt back and forth, … to comedic effect, and … they love doing it!

Psychoanalyzing, etc. What the heck could have prompted such a dream? If it so much as even “needed” a reason? Some thoughts that come to mind. Maybe my head was bored, and wanted to try some comedy in a dream … don’t know that it’s tried that before, … certainly not at all recently, that I recall. Maybe it just needed some bit of comedic relief (has been a rather to quite stressful last 10 or so days, and Saturday night had been quite stressful – though that dream wasn’t until Sunday night). Maybe my head was bored, and simply wanted to try something different. Maybe it was that conversation with someone less than 12 hours earlier, where I’d recommended a particular comedy show to them. Maybe it was my head “defusing”/defanging, etc., some memory bits of some court experiences I’ve had, with perhaps my head trying to make them seem much less threatening, scary, unpleasant or generally nerve-wracking, and instead, much more light and comedic, and almost fun – or at least certainly relatively fun, pleasant, and interesting, to at least mostly just observe, anyway.

Oh well, whatever, at least it beats having sucky dreams.


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One Response to “random(?) dream”

  1. MichaelBerkeley Says:

    More (almost) random. So, Wednesday night / Thursday A.M., what was prominently featured in my dream? Socks. Weird, huh? That’s pretty much what I thought at first, totally random weirdness. Then I remembered during they day Wednesday, socks had come up, and relatively similar about socks had some up some days/week(s) earlier. So, given that, not all that horribly surprising. I guess my subconscious decided to grab onto that, and then figure out how to manage to do something with socks in dream – which it then quite proceeded to do.

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