“too much” – details (semi-identifying information?)

So …

I don’t want to make any person(s) uncomfortable, etc., at least without good justifiable reason or unless they in fact essentially want that uncomfortableness. That being said, and what is the case as I’ve said, e.g. within You can tell me *anything* (a.k.a. I’m a good person to talk to) I do take other people’s privacy very seriously and carefully guard such. And much of that, as essentially logical extension of, e.g.: (some) “Rules” to Live by (or personal philosophy, or redundant stuff (most) everybody may have already thought of and said/done before).

So, it’s come to my attention – mostly through carefully and critically rereading my own blogs on here, that even though I’ve quite anonymized information/accounts about “other folks” on here, I haven’t gone quite far enough. In rereading much of the content, critically, and trying to reasonably guess/extrapolate what the other person(s) perspectives and feelings, etc. are or might reasonably possibly be, I’ve noted and discovered I probably haven’t anonymized things quite as much as I ought to. Namely, it’s non-trivially probable, that some specific persons might read information regarding themselves here – even if they do or don’t correctly correlate to specific individuals I’ve, in anonymized fasion, made mention of and discussed on here, they may be rather upset or offended or such upon reading those materials. At least presently, I don’t regard the writing as (at all?) “so identifying” that I ought to alter or remove the existing content. However, going forward I’ll generally make the writing regarding individuals yet more anonymized – at least unless they specifically consent otherwise or I have good reason to believe they’re fine with such being more or quite public (e.g. if they themselves already quite made same information public).

So, … some modest changes going forward. Statistically anonymized. Rather than, e.g. repeat, and do anything quite like “With person 1 … happened.”, and “With person 2 … happened.”, etc., I’ll typically wait until I’ve enough persons to report over-all statistically, rather than on specific individuals. E.g. 4, or preferably 6 or more individuals, … and then I can say things like “for at least 75% of”, and not specifically enumerate individual folks, even in anonymized form. Likewise, when reporting on particular events/happenings, I may often delay that, and/or make details such as venue/location much more general or obscure. Most notably so any persons that may have been at specific event/happening, generally won’t be able to tell if I’m talking about such a specific event/happening, or not. Random type of example would be, e.g. if I went to a restaurant, brew-pub, or bar, I typically wouldn’t say very precisely when, or exactly which venue, lest anyone feel “unfomortable” or the like about what happened there or specific persons involved. I.e. they wouldn’t know which event, when, where, or if I was referring to them, or not, or something or sometime or someone quite different.

Anyway, sorry if I might have or may inadvertently make anyone uncomfortable here about any potentially personal or private information about them and/or my perspectives about them, without suitably good reason for having done so. At least going forward, that’s less likely to occur here.


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