(not) first things people usually notice about me

Okay, so, OkCupid profile …
The first things people usually notice about me
… now that I actually got some specific feedback, so I’ve some clue what to put there, the below chunk, I’ve moved off from there, and onto here. Besides, it’s also semi-redundant with much of the other stuff on my OkCupid profile, and I’m trying to reasonably tighten that up. Anyway, the bit below, moved off from there, to here (also added link to clarify the context):

But, … I can tell you this. Probably about the 28th to 1,874th or so (quite depends upon person, and circumstances of our interactions) things people notice about me, are most of the deeper personal characteristics, which are fairly well covered within and about my profile here, but may not be at all particularly easily readily apparent. E.g. (a very short partial sampling): highly moral/ethical, compassionate (and passionate, romantic)*, very intelligent, thinks deeply about lots and has well thought through whole helluva lot, atheist*, communicative and has a whole helluva lot to say (once reasonably past the introverted and shy bits), damn good listener and highly non-judgemental – can listen to about anything – without negatively impacting the “relationship”/interaction; and a whole lot more.
*exceedingly dang few generally know or have figured out or exposed themselves to the bits I noted with asterisks


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