For those keeping score … (“dating” / meet up “results” thus far)

So, of those I’ve met (thus far all from OkCupid), in order I met them in person:

  1. Done, not happening

  2. Kaput

  3. Done, not happening

  4. bit early to say, maybe stalled? Who knows.

Footnotes (same corresponding numbers):

  1. Met twice, first went well, 2nd flopped, other than getting a loaned book back, we’re done

  2. First meeting flopped.

  3. first and second meetings went great, 3rd was planed but never happened, well over a month later, we’re to (her to me): “Thanks for your interest in wanting to talk. But, I am not interested in anything more. Good luck in your life!”

  4. I believe first and second meetings went well, third I thought so, but perhaps not?; hopefully there will at least be a 4th, but things seem kind’a stalled maybe? … or maybe she is very busy (she does have a lot going on in her life at present). At this point I’m highly (un)sure how (un)interested she is in me – but regardless, we kind’a only barely know each other thus far.


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