resolution: communication – email, etc.

Be it hereby resolved that …

So, resolutions. I’m not into New Year’s resolutions. I always figure if one ought to make a resolution and do or work on doing something, no time like the present. Why wait? If, and at any time, it’s appropriate to do something, or stop doing something, change something, whatever, then do it. And as to resolutions, no reason to wait – make the resolution and stick to it. And should a resolution “slip” or fail, generally no reason to give up or stop trying – at least on account of that itself, anyway.

So, … communication, … most notably email (or similar), and long “unicast” (to one and only single recipient), and non-business – most notably general/particularly personal communications, and also where the person is rather to quite local. I such cases, I should not be sending them lots of email and/or long emails. Sure, … might be some exceptions where it makes sense, or does for a brief while, or whatever. But, at least generally speaking, I shouldn’t be doing that. Even if I in fact rather to quite like doing it and having the exchange (I likely wouldn’t be doing it were that not the case) and regardless of how delightful I may find it to be. Essentially, all that long and numerous email(s) – is not good effective use of my time/resources. Especially when it’s highly feasible to meet face-to-face (or at least do phone call(s)).

Email should not be used where face-to-face should be employed! And quite similar can be said for things rather to quite similar to email (e.g. various flavors of messaging, and any generally voluminous Instant Messaging (IM) or the like). And while face-to-face is generally best, certainly, at least not used to excess, phone isn’t all that bad of a next-best.

So … found myself doing a lot of such emailing (and not unidirectional, but rather lopsided, but regardless) – lots of emails, mostly quite to very/exceedingly long emails. Just not the way to go when things should go quite differently – notably mostly face-to-face should occur.

So, … I should have figured that out nearly a week ago, … okay, maybe by about five days ago, or so. Regardless, realized it earlier today – I should not be doing that. So, … it’s therefor hereby resolved by me to not do that! :-)

(Partial) rationale: Most notably, and especially in such relative excess, it is not particularly good/useful/efficient use of my time. It’s not best for the other person (even if they’re quite to highly willing recipient), it’s not best for me, and it’s not best for anyone else (all that time/resource getting sucked up there, leaves less to be applied to other people, projects, myself, whatever. That’s the largest and most significant reason and rationale. Anything else, either pro, or con, carries negligible weight by comparison – at least in most cases for applicable scenarios described. So, … I stop that … now.

Hopefully I end up with more face-to-face time … sooner or later, … but regardless, should not be putting nearly so much time/energy/effort/resource into emails like that and under those circumstances.

I could analyze it (even to “death”), over pros, cons, possible ulterior motives and psychological factors, etc., but regardless, the primary rationale stated quite clearly outweighs any other considerations – at least in most all circumstances. So, thus, the decision and resolution (and corresponding changes in (in)action) are essentially foregone conclusion, and thusly decided upon and acted upon accordingly. Resolution: it has been resolved – and now put into practice as and where feasible, relevant, and appropriate.


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