“suddenly” busy … and … getting back to “normal”

And then, suddenly, life gets “real busy” for a while. So, … stuff happens, … sometimes rather to quite unexpectedly. “Don’t you hate it when” … well, not necessarily/exactly, but …

Anyway, sometimes rather to quite annoying – sometimes frustrating too, … something happens – whatever, and then suddenly one has to take a lot of time – often crammed into short(ish) span of time – working on or dealing with … *whatever*, … stuff happens, stuff comes up, things happen with people, whatever. I don’t know, … I guess I sometimes find it rather to quite annoying, … certainly at least inconvenient, … unavoidable? Yes, and no, … varies – sometimes “impossible” to infeasible to avoid, … in other cases, it’s effectively a “choice”, though not necessarily all that much of a choice to be made, … but I suppose in a lot of cases, almost always remain some choice(s) to be made – e.g. how involved, how to balance / trade off resources on putting how much time/resource on/to whatever, vs. less time/resources to other things one wants (and/or “needs”) to also be doing. Time and resources (well, time *is* also a resource) are not limitless … so, only so much to go around. So, … how much when, where, to what, on/about what, and why? … and particularly when it’s “crunch” time – anticipated, or not.

(semi-)random examples, … and not necessarily with/for/about me, just thinking (also) generally, e.g. … car seriously breaks down or is involved in significant/major accident, significant/major problem with home/residence, serious problem comes up with one’s child, loss of job and quite needing to get back to work, change of job/employment, needing to move and moving – especially quite unexpectedly, loved one, family member, close friend, etc. becomes seriously/gravely ill, injured, or has some significant/major crisis calling for quite a bit of attention/support/interaction/whatever, wallet/purse or the like is lost, or stolen, or robbed at gunpoint or mugged or whatever. Unique – even very good and unexpected – opportunity suddenly and unexpectedly comes up – but requires a lot of time/work/preparation, etc., etc. Not all “bad” stuff, but, well, perhaps you at least get the general idea.

Anyway, so, as I was just about starting to “recover” from "the holidays" … okay, not even *quite* done with ’em … but close, … had another one of those “random” and (mostly) unexpected things come up, … one that would suck up a bunch of my time (and energy and attention, at least for a while) in January. Ugh, … not what I was hoping for at all, coming off of “the holidays” … was mostly looking forward to things being much more back to “normal”, and “catching up” from the busyness after “the holidays” … mostly wanting to have some more time to relax, or whatever, … and also catch up on things I’d wanted to do in December, but didn’t have the time for, so had deferred. Well, not so quickly back to (more) “normal” … had one of those semi-random things come up … not entirely unanticipated, but, well, not exactly anticipated or expected to land in January … but happened anyway.

So, … anyway, that (mostly) was then … significantly busier (and fair bit more stressful) January than expected. Bah. “Oh well”. Stuff happens. Things are getting back closer to “normal” again now … which is (generally) good. :-) So, yeah, … hadn’t, e.g., spent nearly as much time on / pursuing stuff with, OkCupid, etc., or doing much of a bunch of other stuff I wanted to do, or get more caught up on (e.g. setting up more stuff on new laptop, various other activities/projects I wanted to work on, etc.) as I’d wanted to. Oh well, at least nothing all that bad or that’s gonna kill me or anything like that, … but still quite inconvenient and annoying – particularly on the timing, … not that I had any control over that.

So, … that was “then” … things are closer to being back to “normal” now … “finally”. And, yep, choices … maybe not so much directly, but at least indirectly. We do often quite chose our situations/circumstances, … at least to a fair degree, do also rather effectively mostly chose what’s important to us – and what’s not … and often much of what we do/don’t “have” to deal with, is consequence of earlier choices, … but still, much of it is rather to quite random nevertheless. “Stuff happens.” – ‘Tis life.


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