Answering Questions (OkCupid, etc.)

“Improve Matches” … uhm, yeah, right …
You’ve answered: 2641 questions
You’ve publicly answered: 2552 questions
Uhm, like answering another one, or ten, or twenty, or hundred would particularly improve my matches. Not really, … not much anyway, … at least not very directly anyway. With that many questions already answered, it doesn’t directly make that much difference. What’s probably more useful out of it is “recent activity”. At least as far as I can tell, generates more “recent activity” folks see of me, and increases the probability someone will actually look at my profile and/or maybe even actually send me a message. Other than that, doesn’t help … much. “On the other hand” … pretty easy for me … I’m not exactly a (wide) “open book” … but certainly at least pretty/quite an “open book” – at least to a rather to fair/significant degree, … so … pretty easy for me to go on answering a bunch of questions – and answering most all of them – but sure, some I skip (or occasionally answer privately). I suppose too, it’s also a semi-useful way, to, kind’a take a break from OkCupid (“just” answering a bunch of questions is pretty easy – certainly avoid a bunch ‘o stress/disappointment and emotional roller coaster) … while at the same time at least being semi-engaged … yup, generates some “recent” activity, and, along the way, I’ll manage to at least occasionally read/skim/peruse some profiles … even if I’m not in any particular mood (or hurry) to send any message to try to intiate any new contact(s) with anyone. Whatever.

So, anyway, just sayin’ … answering questions is pretty easy. It’s semi- – but not highly – useful … especially after one’s already answered many hundreds or more questions. Probably highly useful if one’s not yet made it through, oh, at least answering 100 questions, or whatever, … and I’m way beyond that point.

You’ve answered: 2713 questions
You’ve publicly answered: 2624 questions
“Wow, you answered all of the questions! Why not go find a match?”
… I think OkCupid’s finally caught on, and trying to give me a


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