Xmas – not a fan of

Xmas, Christmas, “the holidays” – no, not any, you know the ones I’m talking about, the one’s bunched up around the end of the year.

Guess I’m really not much of a fan of Christmas, etc., … and increasingly so. Why? Oh, a few zillion reasons, let’s see …

  • Way too dang commercial. Mostly about buying junk.
  • Stuff for everyone all at the same time. Rather/quite overwhelming that can be.
  • I mostly only get stuff I don’t need, and generally don’t especially want/need.
  • I mostly end up getting other folks stuff that, for the most part, they really aren’t all that interested in, don’t care about much, if at all, and often really don’t want or much care for anyway.
  • all that production, transportation, consumption, and yes, waste, can’t be good for the environment
  • It manages to suck up a lot of my time and energy, notably as I try and track and carefully consider and come up with something for “everyone”.
  • “Spirit of Christmas?” You gotta be kidding. It was a pagan holiday that got hijacked/commandeered, and subsequently commercialized essentially to death.
  • The whole gift thing – sure, nice genuine gifts, sentiment, etc. – that can be fine – excellent even. But slap everybody on the same schedule, with expectation, if not “obligation” – or nearly so, … it gets pretty sucky. Seems more like obligation exchange than gift giving.
  • Of the whole “holiday season/time” – how much of it is enjoyable, vs. not? It’s a pretty sucky ratio. Maybe several hours to a few days or so of it are relatively nice … at best. But it’s “paid for” with weeks of suckiness. Most of it just isn’t worth it.
  • much etc.

So, … what to do, what to do? I don’t know, … certainly not sure yet. Too bad it doesn’t just have a nice big “opt out” button. Needs to change, though, … need to change it. Seems it’s not going away – but I rather wish it would.


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