Don’t you just hate it when … (whine, grumble … – annoying too common web bugs)

Don’t you just hate it when …
Well, it’s annoying anyway … website bugs that ought not exist, yet one encounters, e.g. in the last few days:

Registered on a website just fine. Logged off, go to log in again – it fails. Apparently the algorithm used when processing password for registration, and that used for authentication (to log in) don’t quite match, so in some cases a password will work fine to register on the site, but then one can’t use that password to login on the site following a successful registration. And then to top it off, the site’s password reset thingy doesn’t work – its supposed to send an email to the registered email address, … but never does. And yes, the registration “took” – as it wouldn’t let me create it again, as the login/account name already existed if I tried to do it again with same name. “Oh well”, … annoying that. But why must the same types of bugs/flaws be “reinvented”/rediscovered countless times in numerous places? I was hoping “we” might all be evolving a wee bit faster than that. I guess not quite yet, anyway. Oh well, reported the bug, etc., hopefully it’ll get fixed, … and after getting tired of waiting (okay, maybe not a super high priority bug for them), I just reregistered, creating a different account, and using a much weaker password (still moderately strong, but quite a bit shorter, and devoid of all non-alphanumerics) … at least their algorithm could handle that without messing it up.

Don’t you just hate it when …
Web thingy send-a-message type things quite fail to work. E.g. earlier today on OkCupid, … try to send someone a message – fairly long – well under size limit … and it simply fails – with not even any specific diagnostic – it just “chokes”/stalls on it (times out after quite a while). Tried a second, and third time, same each time. Likely something about the length, or specific content (character(s) or specific text patterns?) … in any case, it just wouldn’t work – but even more annoyingly, it would offer no useful information as to why it wouldn’t work. And yeah, I reported the bug to OkCupid – hopefully they’ll get around to fixing it. After enough annoyance, frustration/delay – I did send message to user – but dang short one, saying, well, slightly redacted:

<first name>,

I do quite like your profile. Tried sending you a message … thrice, even, but OkCupid seems to be tripping up on something – and not indicating what (send just stalls indefinitely – I did give
OkCupid a bug report). Hmmm, perhaps email (as work-around, if
nothing else)?
You can email me at:
<my email>
or message me here with your email
or call me, if you prefer:
<my home phone number> (home+msg.)

Yeah, hardly the long(er), more personalized message with content I wished to include … but no idea why OkCupid appeared to be tripping up over it. And silly OkCupid – it doesn’t let one send message to self – so I couldn’t use that to try “divide and conquer” to see if I could isolate it to specific text that might’ve been causing a problem with OkCupid in the attempted send. Oh, and OkCupid’s policy – one account per person – so it’s not like I could even do a test send to myself on some other account. Anyway, reported the bug, blah, blah, blah, … hopefully they’ll get it fixed. Maybe even soon. :-)

Likewise (haven’t bumped into it in a while), with YouTube … likely still the case, but, try to post a comment on a video, with, e.g. a < character in it, and it fails. But that's not the (specific) problem, … it's the way it fails. The diagnostic is nearly useless, it's something like, "Error, try again" … well, trying again fails again in exact same way, but that's what the diagnostic says each time. Geez Google/YouTube, … y'all are smart! :-) … give a (much) better diagnostic, … you know, e.g. "Sorry, can't accept these characters: <…" or whatever – indicate specifically what in the content is being disallowed and preventing the posting of the comment. And yes, I did (much earlier) report that as a bug. Hopefully they've fixed it (or at least will at some point).

And not to pick specifically on, e.g. (particular) vendor, OkCupid, YouTube – they're all quite good … excellent even (but alas, not perfect), … but still, annoying bugs, and all too common (far too commonly encountered also on numerous other web sites).

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox … for now. ;-)


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