Getting Involved

Did break up a fight last week. Apparently no weapons were present, lots of people around and close by (crowded commuter train), but most quite standing back. The one guy had the other in a head lock and was seriously and mightily pummeling away at his head and face with his fist. I wasn’t going to just stand there and watch the guy’s head get beaten into a bloody pulp while folks waited for the police to eventually show up. As soon as there was relatively safe opportunity to stop the assailant’s pounding away at the other guy’s skull, I got behind him, grabbed his arms, pulled them back, away behind his back, and pulled him off the other guy, and held him back until he no longer appeared to be posing an immediate threat. And yeah, the assailant was bigger, younger, and probably stronger than I. I might not have done the same in a dark isolated alley with no one else around (I felt a wee bit safer with about 50 folks behind me – even if most of ’em didn’t appear particularly willing to get involved beyond making a call and saying some words). Certainly not an everyday occurrence (don’t recall having broken up a fight before, and fairly rare that I see a fight – especially up that close (was less than 10 ft. from me when it started)) … but … that was last week, anyway. And no, I’m not going to tell my mom! She worries way too much (I think she still worries when I cross the street.)


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